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A slob a competitive and Nathan MacKinnon with the two goals there in the first period in the second period the app to score more and each one of these kind of crazy, especially this first one here in the second period. Midway through the second. The puck comes out to the blue line and Patrick Nimit. Just gives it a little tap tap tap Aroon. Scars. Has found the nets. He's off there. Start in the ad seventy two. Patrick. Been in and out of the lineup gets a pass from Alexander Kerr foot, and you just put the puck on net. I don't think that deflected off Colin Wilson. Maybe a dead. It was a knuckle park to be sure I may have touched. Nate Thompson on the way through. But I think the should be. Nemo's goal. I don't think it took it affliction if it did was off in LA cake, but Patrick this first goal this season as the adds up three to one. Nemo just just the little flick all the way from blue line. Just just flopped it on over there. So it's from foot. Joe's at eleven thirty three Colorado with the three one lead over L A at that point. And then the LA kings, you're playing with fire as soon as you put the Colorado Avalanche on the power play. You are playing with fire, and you are going to get burned your side path from Wilson four Nathan MacKinnon. Wind yours, right. Mckinnon spins down to the corner, we go rent and parked behind the case. Colin wealth today scores. And the power play as electrifying the Colorado Avalanche. They are three for three everyone in this section at Staples Center is staring at me like I'm from outer space starting to ruin your night everybody but the ads at three power play goals, and they lead the Los Angeles Kings four to one with two eleven to go in the second period. Colin Wilson from Rayton and McKinnon so both McKinnon Renton with their second points of the evening comes on the power plates seventeen forty nine and the Colorado Avalanche with a four one lead over the LA kings after two periods of hockey. Just like in the first period the Avs had eleven shots in that second period the kings up their shot total from six in the first two fourteen in the seconds right now, the shot totals are cholera with twenty two LA with twenty. And of course, the perfect three for three on the power play for one absolutely the kings.

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