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Thank you, Florida Man. It smells Indeterminant. Lee Delicious. I'll say that Kyle bought us some way. South Philly. Thank you. Kyle. Florida man, Kyle. We're in so much and in us that Austin, Texas love that way. South Philly, which we didn't buy. It was a gift from one of the great Sports talk listeners ever. Yeah. What do we do to deserve this? Kyle? We sometimes it just celebrating Bitos. Successful return from the desert. It usually is. Yeah. Did you leave? I see you. Did you leave your moustache in the desert? No. You had a moustache that when last time I saw right I also had it this morning at like, five. Really? 55 when I got here, I'm always how do I beat both? All the other morning shows here sometimes add You're a hustler, man. All right, That's crazy. You're number one, the in our playbook. You almost said something else. You have the You put the safety on right there. I missed you guys. Thank you, Florida Man. Cow. He called where you're going. I thought he was the flap and join you was so excited about your venture. He should have. Yeah. Um, one of my bosses like man. I didn't see anything on your instagram stories or anything else like us in Vegas. Dumb ass. It's like you know how everything stays. Not when you put it online, right? And they're also I mean, do I really was like in the Boccaccio for Close to 72 hours either walking there or back or staying in there, Jason how it is when you're there. You don't have to leave. Make it So they just want all your money. They want you to stay and gamble. Keep gambling. Keep staying. Keep earning. That's what I said. Burden. This is the one and only man. I don't know if I can ever go back. I want to stay up. Speaking of earning. Yeah, follow along at Sports. Takeo BJ. We re posted the story from 24 7 Sports is better. Just detailed to Longhorns already have Name, image likeness deals in place. I presume that's within the rules. Yeah, and our guy Mike Murphy of last stand hat, says, Quote n I l is huge because you can now reach out to these players connect with them and help them build their brand and grow with them. And and the mix of type of guy that and he's got a great product with the hats and Yeah, I'm all over the college World Series. Yeah, dude, drinking beer out of his shoes. Yeah, sure. Jugar drink out of the hat man. It seems like a better choice than the drinking out of the shake him out of the chute. I like Hansen's Family was wearing them. I mean, they were everywhere. The last stand hats but no jail. For some reason, I think, like, shoot chugging of thing. It is a starting off. It started in Australia. It start in Australia with I think we should make that a show bet for the next bet. Whoever loses drinking beer and a beer out of the winners shoe. Okay, That doesn't seem I'm bringing my old don't be on lawn care shoes, a couple more things from this name, Image likeness. Then, First of all, there's a piece from Dan Murphy today on ESPN dot com. Basically about what all of this means no relation of the on the interim rules. He writes that each school would be responsible for coming up with their own set of policies based on a very loose set of guidelines from the N C. Double A specifically, don't let boosters pay athletes and don't let endorsement deals Serve as recruiting inducements to which laugh. That is exactly correct. Me, though. L o l What do you mean? Don't let them how can you? How can that not be the case exactly exactly A by setting up some kind of third. Party business that should already be in place and be by setting a limit, which neither are then there's no limits from the N C. Double A. There's no limits University and I believe that's because the N C double A knows that if they try to set a limit that they will be taken to court, and they will lose, you know, just there. You know, the Supreme Court decision that we just saw was on something different, and it has nothing to do with an image like this, But the Supreme Court made very clear their position. Hey, You guys are operating poorly, All right. And if people challenge you, we are going to side with the challengers. So don't don't mess around here, man. Um, another thing and I just thought of this while we were on the air yesterday. I brought it up yesterday. But you know there's going to be Big time winners in this and not necessarily losers. But there's going to be guys in the locker room all of a sudden look across the way at a dude who's cash in big checks, Russian big, big big checks and maybe driving a brand new big car who may be having a boat. Wait a second. Let's let it let Jason finish the center. Well, my question is because, Yeah, we're you know, you brought it up several times. And is that going to create a divide in the locker room? When all of a sudden the star quarterback is, you know, maybe he's got a six figure endorsement deal. And the guys blocking for him. They're just happy to keep getting their books paid for and you have always said. That's not going to be a problem. I said that's well, what I always say is Listen. That happens in in professional football all the time. All right. Patrick Holmes makes $50 million a year and the guys blocking for him. Certainly. Don't make that. What you see all the time in the NFL is the quarterback. The running back taking care of those guys. Remember? Emmett Smith ruled it was always right. Rolex, right, right. Wood and Henry, your man, Henry, Tennessee. Everybody gotta change some kind of pendant. Let's say, uh, Casey Thompson becomes, you know the superstar quarterback and all of a sudden is pulling in 100,000 month, an endorsement money. If he wants to, uh, share the wealth with his offensive line. Is that not a violation? How could it be? It's again. You mean, how could it be a gift? Yeah, they're not allowed to accept gifts. Said if all of a sudden I mean I mean away it doesn't matter that it comes from a teammate versus if it comes from booster booster Who says Hey, I want to share the wealth with the offensive line blocking for that, dude. You know you You see it all the time, Ed. You know about guys, didn't you? Didn't you commit an N C double a violation or did when you handed others to go play handed out some milk money to somebody. You Stan Thomas? It was Stan Thomas. So don't throw him under the bus. I'll show him other bus. He's old Now we bought it two chicken fried steaks at the lodge at Lake View, which is not there, cross remote. That is not allowed right because I got a free meal based on their and excellence in the athletic field and the athletic arena, And I'm pretty sure that Yeah, if Casey Thompson or Bichon B Gene Robinson started cashing in and said, Hey, guys, we're going to Sizzler. It's on me. I mean, look, I don't know to what the degree the is going to investigate this and I'm pretty sure they're just sticking their head in the sand on this whole deal. But if you want to go by the letter of the law, a player sharing his wealth with his teammates, I think I think is an NC double violent. I don't think it would. I don't see that You may be exactly right. But I don't see it that way. I say that, just like we said with Derek Cannery when Emmitt Smith Helping the guys who helped him. But those are professional athletes. Listen, this is how they're going to help others. I appreciate that sack of money. But boom! Sorry before the money gets delivered. I will appreciate that sack of money that you will be delivering. But I would also request that X Y Z are probably J through Z gets a little something something as well. Let something fall off the truck for my guys. You mean uh, so when they make their deal, right, the B John would with his endorsers. His partners, he would say, Hey, how about a little taste from this is what you need to give me but rather than him fall off the truck for my Offensive line. Good work around because you should be in the Yeah, yeah, like that. That is. Who says I'm you know who says he's not Guido, But that's an interesting point. You don't choose that life. Jason look at life chooses you. It's just another Chapter in this thick, thick book of How is this going to work? How is this going to go? Exactly? We don't know it in the places where they're chomping at the bit like the guy in Oklahoma that I said, Oh, we're going to take care of our guys said Don't worry about that. Don't you know? Come Thursday, July 1st. Show me the money or when? When? What day is today? Tuesday, Thursday, Tuesday, June 29th. Whatever That might be, guys, I'm not sure you know the end recommended. Don't let boosters pay athletes don't let any endorsement deal service recruiting inducement, So that would be that would not be quite oil. Well, for that Top wide receiver coming to Oh, yeah, that's not cool, man..

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