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Npr is a cat. Yeah yeah i. I don't think that that fully hits because of how much you enjoy. Ted lasso point. I think that is that is basically it. As we're we're moving into the finale here and talking about that one. I will say like percolating in my mind. Your idea about how there needs to be more in. The show is likely to explore further consequences of what rebecca has done here and as we talked about earlier. Like what will the show do with rupert at some point in time i think something that i can certainly imagine i will. I will qualify this as a prediction. In fact is the the the world large learning about the real reasons of why rebecca higher ted the lengths to which she went to destroy richmond from within and the subsequent need for her to either be removed. Or step down from richmond and rupert. Who now once again has skin in the game right. Like he's going to have some ownership via via. Beck's taking on more of a role there and ted having to deal with rupert as richmond is rebounding that would be my prediction for where that is going to ultimately go. Wow that's rough. I that's bleak. I don't know. I mean you're right that that rupert being in the show. There's probably some way to do that. Isn't just simply an antagonised. Rebecca anymore that there are probably ways to do that. I don't understand why roper wouldn't just fire ted if that were to come to pass but it will be interesting to see public favor. He's actually doing well with the team. He can gain respect game at a certain point beloved in the community It'd be it would be. It would be tough to figure out exactly how the show remains intact but the job but then again. That's not our job and this is a show that is apparently designed for three season story. Arc show this is the kind of thing that happens at the end of the second season in where we at going into third season is it that ted has also walked away and we walk in the season. Three with afc richmond back and eyeing the championship for a third season to put this in the language of another sports oriented drama. That i actually do. Adore is dislike dylan versus east. Dillon thing that you know that begins to happen for the for the transformation of the the final act of the show just something. That's where my head wandered to as talked about like what could the consequences for rebecca. Because ted i take him at face value is good. You know he's he's he's good with rebecca. That doesn't mean that everybody's going to be good if they find out more about what happened here well and even if they don't. The mir consequence of relegation can caused such an uproar that rebecca's actions will certainly be called into judgment. And she'll face all the sexism that will be inherent in all of that. She's already facing she'll face all of that backlash that won't or can't be easy from a mental health standpoint. The question becomes. How much will she wanna put up with. Does she want to buy into this project to do for the better. We're gonna explore all these things in season two for sure. But i very realistically if richmond. Afc got her fc. Richmond got relegated like there would be significant focus put on her actions that led to this. They were mid table..

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