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On AT and T after the epic battle of the bees today at the stadium seventy five thousand that's crazy estimate is the just come out of nowhere. Right. Exactly. Just like they were hiding there all night or anything boom showed up a Greg. What's going on with you? What your man versus beasts story. Yup. Yup. Great. Yeah. Oh, I'm sorry. What am I was hiking in glacier national park? Get a hike to to medicine lake. It's a really tough hike is five miles straight up a mountain and with my father in law, and my wife, and we get up there took us five hours to get to the top. And we get up there. And we're sitting on rock looking at the lake. It's just absolutely gorgeous having some trail mix, and you know, you don't see animals, you know, food. So out of the words comes racing this frigging ferment and he stops right at my feet. Wait a minute. What was he he was a he was a chipmunk? He stopped feet. I take my my trail mix. My put it in my back. And he looked at me like what day runs up my leg? I've got short on he bites being the knee. And then take all I mean, I I I would over the the game guy. Hey, do I need to go hippie. Check out this chipmunk interest. Wow. Little bit right. Yeah. Yeah. It was all good. I've never. Thank you. I have never heard of Jim bite somebody train out and one of the food. So's away and say, yeah, I'll get you. Right. Hey, Bill, what's going on with you man versus varmint? What your story mind is kind of funny of what I had was my parents watching this vampire movie, I think George Hamilton was the vampire. And we're watching it and almost the best gene shows up in the back shows up in our living room. I did this fear and speared the back of the floors. Yes. Unlike I could not believe that happened. You know, what we're sitting there watching TV? Oh. And what do you say to turn the TV channels? So they watch everything. But yeah, the the see that on the floor, and then the cat goes after it to my guy can say that ain't good. Yeah. Hey, let's get to Dan. Right. Quick. Dan. What do you got for us, man? Talking about the B ball game today. Yeah. There. You know, the question is to be or not to be. That is the question. And thank you. With all the Bijou. Right. Hey, Mike man versus what do you got? A man and he called me one time. He said dad, I'm sitting at your house penetrate yard, and here's a deer eating a pear. Like, I eat a dead. I can reach out and touch it. He said do you ever seen a powerful jails? He's sitting here watching. Thank you. Animals. That that do scouting to death. Really? Have you ever been up close on a do? Muscles while tubes. Sean Jones, either well of a chipmunk and bite draw blood. Imagine a deer can do with their their planning you. Oh, I guess maybe power. I guess you need more powerful crushing jaws crush up. Yup. Leaves and berries or whatever. Hey, Tom, what's going on with you talking about man versus beasts? What's your story? Be in the signing of our house in the bees would land on the sidewalk and lie. As they came out from underneath aside. He will one day I was bored swatting them as they would come out. Well after a while they stopped coming out. So I kicked the side of the house to get more to come out. They came out. They did. I got done seven times. Get worse than that. No. He no doubt. Man. Hey, carl. What's your story may versus varmint? What do you have all the house in the army facing in Berlin before the wall came down and one of our things we run run our PTA physical training there through the cleanup all between forward. Run along I saw and they always warned us. They have what they call pigs, which is basically a wild boar, and they say anything. So I was like, okay. Running along Dumont and doing my thing also spotted a whole family of them there. Stop on like, okay. Pharma one side of the tail and then one on coming after me, and I'm like, wait a minute. I turn. And look there was another one behind you stuff. They were the baby DoE's mother to protect the babies.

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