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For the hasha native for the Split who's discern. Fight no no no no remember cruise was supposed to fight the undisputed fight on the. Te'o okay so then that got scrapped. And they were gonna keep branched on on that card and then they just scrapped the whole thing. So now they've got a chiller versus. Which is john rule and fat. Joe if my time line i'm just fight. There's no fights it's just bite sent me a press release right here and fight fights on that and they will fight pablo's well it's going to be here at the hard work in lower. Yeah hollywood on september fourteenth tuesday. That's crazy and it's gonna to be on fire tv. Intra pablo cesar. Canoas the headline. Wow very i it's done lead those zarrella alita or whatever. The hell that is then. You've got michael dutch overseas now. Here all bright. And then you've got Miguel arnhold who the hell is that under. Oh i don't know. Miguel angelo ange. Angel angelo very on hill angelo versus sunny frederickson. And then you got unesco gonzales versus tommy karpinski and then bryce. That's pretty good card. Bryce henry this fine print is insane. Fucking while i always look for like the positives in the cards or not always but he does try he. As long as i know definitely show bags level. So they they. They ain't plan they interesting matchups on this card man. It's like cross running around cao's four world spice man. yeah listen. That decade is twenty four and twenty two knockouts. I believe i'm almost positive on the knockout. And that's what he's fighting. Well he fought it lightweight but that might be a super lightweight but but mcgee but but sunny frederickson. He's been in there with allison saito samuel tea or whatever may Tan who else i think. Let me see our gill on mean people probably don't know who that is. He's a guy that's fun. Texas and california lot but yeah i mean i guess that's pretty much. It does the only names i really see Attended oh fighter. Show hodge john herb. Gosh oh it's that the amateur guy from who's meccas yup. That's him yeah he he lost him but you know he's got a pretty good record. Twenty one in four with fourteen. Cao's and like i said he's been in there with alex. Saito's shared the ring with a lot of decent fighters samuel t- So not about going to be a good card. I'm ex- more excited about the verses. But i like this. It's like the versus the main event. We know that. But like here's this little boxing card or whatever to kinda like. Keep your who whistle wet. Who's going to win fat. Joe and norio. I don't know man. That's tough that role. I think it's i think. I think that joseph pedder lyricists i think. Gyros got the more hits. He's got more songs than i am like. I like fat joe's flow better than john. Oh yeah me too me too but come on be jaw. Rules i mean hits are like i like john. That's won't be a member where you were in your life when you hear some adjara songs like that should only happen like elton john or like dr drey like you know what i'm saying but like death like a high level thing to have but to me fed joe's got the better delivery he's all. He has the better lyrics better flow like style more. I think a lot of his or bangers hit like liebe like who's come all the way up going to get the crowd cronk. Is some ajar rules more softer tracks really like pump up the crowd and sway them. Because that's the big thing with those verses beep. Boxing you know the losing us way the other thing. Here's another thing about this. Is one underrated factor stage presence. Mario yeah sure h presence it comes up when he he kicks his versus and she pops chess saudia a little when when jay z. Was on tour when they when they had that. Can i get a what. What and he talks verse. Shit the i like. John i do. I think he wins. But man i would not be surprised loses when i'm gonna lead towards fat joe though because i think he i think he is. He's a better battler. i. I think john got more. Hits is going to be tough for him to lose man you know. Oh okay called in.

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