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To this special edition of whether geeks podcast. We're doing this with the note that dorian hurricane doreen laurien will be closing in on the southeast united states coast in the next few days and i'm here thankfully with meteorologist sayreville ham and we're gonna be talking about some of the things that we all need to know and look for to the forecast we know is going to change forward right right. It's already changed a lot. I mean think about i remember i walked in here monday morning and you you know you were on the phone with doctors cousy executive producers in you know just trying to figure out what this storm is. Doing you know it's kind of like the little engine that could looking invest ninety nine l. over the weekend dan and then in one day we went from tropical depression tropical storm and they're like okay well here. We go. I remember covering dorian at its very early stages over the tropical atlantic and thinking talking to myself. This thing is going to have a hard time getting going because it just didn't look very healthy. It had an environment around it that was really unsuited for rapid development and when we saw the official forecast intensified very quickly approaching the leeward islands. I thought to myself that doesn't seem to be the most likely scenario i think it's kind of a hard time initially and it did but it eventually found its legs and now we're dealing with very different beast. Yeah we definitely i feel like covering on the air. I also whether it's weather underground in addition to the weather geeks so it was like watching this storm kind of evolve monday night tuesday night in the coming out of puerto rico and then all of a sudden last night we have an eye wall shows up up on radar and this thing all of a sudden is kinda wobbly shoveled and all of a sudden. It's like <hes> lockstep here we go and.

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