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We are following some developing news this morning out of maple Grove police still on the scene in call to the sixty six hundred block of eagle lake drive about some forty last night for person was unconscious when officers got there they try to save a man and a woman but the woman was pronounced dead at the scene the man now in the hospital with life threatening injuries no word on what happened but one man is under arrest we'll have more information for you as it becomes available the father of a Painesville woman is facing murder charges following a Tuesday evening fire investigators say forty six year old John Newport of Painesville is charged with second degree murder after his daughter twenty two year old Jamie Newport was killed in a mobile home fire Tuesday evening and pain spell John the cues of pouring gasoline inside the home and ignited at paper Darwin Martin central WCCO TV that officers on the scene swarm Newport and then arrested them law enforcement had down on the ground because he was gonna try to go back into the hall he said my daughters and I hired him say that my daughters and their my daughter's in there I got a go getter Newport remains held today in the sterns county jail mark Friday the UCC all Washington County sheriff's deputy charged with manslaughter has pleaded not guilty thirty one year old deputy Brian crook is charged in the fatal shooting of twenty three year old Benjamin Evans in April of twenty eighteen he shot Evans near his home well deputies were responding to a nine one one call of a suicidal man cook was indicted on manslaughter charges by a grand jury convened in Ramsey county due to a conflict of interest in Washington County cook is the third Minnesota law enforcement officer in recent history to face criminal charges for an on duty fatal shooting creek is not in custody but has been ordered to turn over his passport lower oaks WCCO the Minnesota Supreme Court will decide whether the state department of natural resources has the authority to change the name of lake Calhoun in Minneapolis to its original Dakota name today my class got the state court of appeals ruled in April that the agency overstepped its authority in January of twenty eighteen would it change the name of the lake it said authority to change the name rested with the legislature under statutes governing lake another place names the DNR disagrees with that interpretation of the statutes and says it can change the name had been county asked the D. N. R. for the change because lake Calhoun was named for pro slavery former vice president John Calhoun but some nearby property owners challenged Adam Carter WCCO Egan is getting set to host training camp again when the first full team practice starts tomorrow with the exception of a brief traffic meter malfunction on day one of the first year with the Vikings new facility Egan city administrator Dave also Burke says it was Smoove we had a great plan we put in place and I would I would suggest the same plans gonna go in place this year and we hope everyone can have a great experience an estimated five million dollars came into the community due to training camp businesses like union thirty two located right near the training facility are expecting the same boost spokesperson Samantha brown ended up being two of our busiest weeks for us out of the year and we were able to just get in front of a lot of new faces Sloan Martin WCCO WCCO news time is five oh eight traffic.

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