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Six sixty Burkett misty plus with the a couple early goals aisles let three one after one they built a five one advantage they went on to beat the capitals in DC five to three the last time these teams met less than a month ago the aisles allowed five third period goals blowing a lead on home ice years but really only we can all all these guys one from last and came back and big win for us to get a four point lead into tonight's home game against the flyers at Barclays center tight grace to the Eastern Conference standings right now also the devil's house the Panthers at seven o'clock devils hockey network on radio dot com at eight he got chesty and the boys the Rangers in Winnipeg dizendo so that's the official nickname right yes things yeah the yeah that's that's much easier to say Mister can sister can yeah I do always ask to be something with a why right she has the house you're gonna be the day kirke your first name you know you go you go Iggy Iggy right but that's an underrated I would how much your Starkey Shuster about that about that about that Starkey bro to anything else Philip rivers and the Chargers as we know officially parting ways I don't know why and they need to tell us that guy packed up and moved his family back to Florida weeks ago yeah we pretty much know that we got on there that was happening what season we all figure that there'd be in the market for new quarterback her body was assuming maybe Tom Brady if you want to go back to LA and they need to this sell some season tickets which they are not doing a very good job of they to have those P. S. cells that are not going right now how many people to show up in that stadium to watch the Chargers will depend on who's playing quarterback I would presume right yeah you know this could be interesting I'm Sam Newton and Newton that's what I'm thinking which is the first domino to fall quarterback wise in the off season like it are all the other teams waiting until we do have some some clarity on what's going on with Brady I gotta get see we we can see a franchise tag for Ryan Tannehill down in Tennessee Jameis Winston I think that Bruce Arians would like to keep him but I think they're also using Philip rivers and I doubt Tom Brady in that scenario but I could see them using total provers as leverage to try to get him to calm minimize what his asking price at a lot of names right Brady rivers Bridgewater Dalton well dogs that a free agent he has one year left on his contract but at some point we expect he's going to I think he would be traded okay you think they go trade rather than talking to me I can see I can see somebody like Dalton being traded to Tampa Bay or Chicago right the bears that's another right so thinking that fascinating this autumn you want to a guy like him to do what ten hill did to Marcus Mariota push and push and push him and then if he if he can't respond that he can't get the team go on then replace Tom the Chargers and Brady is not changing teams in not that is not a possibility I do whatever I can even cam Newton is a wild card I have two from a business model standpoint I got to try to get him and just take a shot there is a star power there sure I don't know if cam Newton came out and said he fully expects to be playing with the Carolina Panthers but okay new coach and everything else you know a whole new way of doing things so I so you wanna do is have this hang over quarterback that is doing his thing his way when you're trying to change the whole entire organization so I'm interested to see what happens we gonna quarterbacks as far as the draft goes to a got a great report on his hip yeah yeah as far along as he could be at this point that the hip is fully sealed can write C. team back clean tour tour tour yeah to attack the file out I'll buy about him that was really JJ yes I'm here the more time or not to attack a vial at Alabama oh my god it's just one word it is like yeah that my mind on the reminder to attack I kind of town about I'm JJ being the to attack a file Alabama hello my dear right now the idea I think might have landed is flying back don't even get me started I would not put down his cell phone is on an international vacation with his long time girlfriend right and I when I tell you that he was texting the entire time our group chat readily available two rounds of golf complaining about sight seeing we went here was born here the duo for an in person a hundred percent okay so make sure very nice young lady I have as well at last year's Yankee fan fest god bless her yeah now do you think that they've been together for a long time do you think that she thought this was the trip there again engage a great question so that's always the thing when you go away after a long time yeah a big vacation like that around Valentine's day she probably thinking this is where I get started texting CeeLo right I'm sure crossed her mind knowing JJ though you might have like preempted men like to see now not have known the truth I could see that but I can definitely see that would be his he talk to you about furthering his relationship is is something that's easy like a someone who wants to get married I feel like an owl who's like ads for the bird is on his radar he claims you know student loans I had a you know to exotics didn't work this is the month that would take care of a student loan take care everybody should last minute for everything for everybody all writers and there it is again the one that sent you a full that's all I'm asking for his morons talk about stuff like that there is it's a little bit no water there comes over finished comes up again all right is that all you got all right I think we're good okay awesome by right now be Kohler seven eight six six five four zero W. F. A. N. that's eight six six five four zero nine three two six one eight hundred dollars the Wilder fury allies watch full why do I keep saying pay per view watch someone's gonna put a damn in this thing the water review go point yourself in the face like myself in the face one winner will be chosen at the grand prize winner take all may sign a Wilder boxing wall ouch the fight will sound and look better than this I promise it's all foxsports and now yeah okay I'll all good now yeah right good it's February and regardless of what the.

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