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KTAR in-depth. So now, you've got a second colleague of state Representative David stringer who has filed an ethics complaint against him. The Republican, of course being from Prescott. He says this this house minority co whip Reginald bowling says his past racist comments, and the criminal sex charges that he faced in the eighties in Baltimore are leading to do this. And he told the MAC and Gaydos here on KTAR yesterday that he's not targeting strategies because he's a Republican. In fact, he said Democrats really don't have anything to gain if stringer does get kicked out of office. Even if he's booted they're only can be a Republican that's appointed to that position. There's no benefit to our our caucus, quite frankly, if he's there and on the floor. I mean, he's out liar. He goes at to beat of his own jump. I mean, it actually from a political standpoint, it doesn't hurt Democrats to happen there. Yeah. It doesn't it. But you know, people are just like, you do what were you what did you possibly plead guilty to and it's all a little murky this, of course, came from some articles that were published by the Phoenix new times, they went back. And did some digging and found that David stringer had faced sex charges and they mentioned child pornography, but they're they're really fishy. Looking and they come off of a microfiche, actually. A little hard to figure out. Exactly what happened. It really is a part of the reason why is because those those charges were expunged. And so they're not supposed to talk about it. A thorny back in Baltimore not supposed to talk about it. But here here's the latest the Arizona mirror found that he's running ads on Facebook to promote his side of the story. David stringer is. He his campaign on Facebook on his Facebook page began running. Well, it's Facebook page. I should say began running ads on Saturday. They featured articles which presents his side of the story in the first ad features in article from the Arizona daily independent, which is a conservative website, which actually has this headline David stringers. False arrest, drives empathy for those trapped an unjust system. Yeah. You what an unjust system? We have where we try to stop people who possess child pornography, or whatever the case may be we try to stop them from harming kids. Yeah. That's an unjust system. The second ad, by the way. This really interesting features in article defending stringer from the Prescott E news which stringer is one of the owners of but he's not talking to the regular medial. He's just talking on Facebook and talking through a a news site that he actually owns. It's five forty eight. Now KTAR time for entertainment news with Stacy Brooks. Brought to you by Arizona's premiere cool sculpting provider freeze your unwanted fat. No surgery no downtime to see after photos. Visit frees me a z dot com today. Hey, guys, the Flintstones theme bedrock city about twenty five miles south of the Grand Canyon on state route sixty four is closed for good. After nearly fifty years the roadside attraction featured colorful stone-age buildings and giant characters making visitors feel like they were part of the popular nineteen sixties animated series. The.

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