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And that's who they say God is. A bunch of heathens. All right, folks, very excited. We are getting such great feedback from you about our upcoming trip to the Holy Land. And we encourage you to go and check out our website. We've got great information there. We had the itinerary. We're going to be staying at some incredible hotel 7 days, 7 nights. Our stand with Israel tour does the very first time we're doing anything like this. And so we're going to limit it to a hundred of our listeners. So if you're interested, go ahead, sign up. You can pay on an installment plan and they have some great, it's a great group we're working with here. And they're going to work with you so that you'll be able to have and enjoy this wonderful trip of a lifetime. We're going to be hitting all of the major Holy Land sites. You're also going to be getting a tour of the Knesset. We're going to be meeting with Israeli government leaders and it's just going to be a wonderful time of worship. A personal reflection and quite frankly some pretty great fellowship. Now, if you sign up early, and if you sign up with the installment plan, we're going to hook you up with an exclusive free breakfast with me and Tel Aviv and we're also going to get you a Todd starn show designer jacket and it's really a great looking jacket you're going to love it. All you need to do is go to our website Todd starns dot com and you'll be able to see all the information there. You can sign up online. Now if you don't want to do that, you can call Dylan and we'll take your information over the phone. Our telephone number 8 four four 747 88 68. Again, that number 8 four four 747 88 68. You do not need a COVID shot, all right? I want you to hear that. You do not need a COVID shot. You don't have to pay the full amount up front. And we've been getting a lot of those questions. So I just want to let you know that. And also, it is a family friendly event. We are going to be doing a lot of walking, though. Just want to give you a heads up there. So you're going to want to bring some comfortable shoes. All right, folks, hang tight, hour three, coming up next. This is the Todd's radio show. Life from the Liberty University studio in Memphis, Tennessee. It's common sense conservative commentary from Todd stars. That's right. I love this American ride all right, hello everybody. Welcome to hour three of the big show. Hamper to have you with us today, and I trust you are doing well. Thank you for hanging out with us. Noon to three eastern, we are, we're not one of the big corporate guys. We are a grassroots talk radio program, and we are so honored to be broadcasting on a 140 radio stations around this great nation. There is some brand new polling data out from Emerson college, they say that president Trump is leading Ron DeSantis 55% to 30% in the polling data. This is and this is in a ten person race, a ten way race for the Republican nomination, Trump at 55%, and he beats everybody else. On Thursday, this poll just came out today, by the way, on Thursday, Rasmussen came out with the poll Trump at 52%, 24% for Ron DeSantis. Now just a few moments ago, we talked with our good friend pastor Jack hibbs, pastor of one of the largest churches in Southern California, and he warned that Republicans better get it together because he believes that the Democrats are going to be running a combo platter of Gavin Newsom and Michelle Obama. Now, we want to get your take on that. We're going to go to the phone lines here in just a moment, 8 four four 747 88 68 we have Keith in North Carolina Evelyn and Ohio hang tight. But I want to place some audio from Brian kilmeade from facts and Friends, they sent him down to Florida, which is Ron DeSantis territory, and they were actually in search of a Ron DeSantis supporter. Take a listen. Metro dining here. I got a question for you ready? Hi. 2024. Who's pumped up for the election? Rapid fire. Who's your man who's your woman? My man, Donald Trump. Donald Trump. Who's your man? A woman. Trump. A lot of Trump fans. How about Trump and Nicky Haley? And Nikki Haley. Donald Trump and Nikki Haley. So far, a lot of Donald Trump. I see that I see governor desantis. And what about president descent? I like it. I like that. Who's your pick? Oh gosh, I don't know. Trump would desantis. I'm either wear. You're right in the middle. Yes. Would you pumped up for? I am super proud. I feel like we need a little bit of a break from election election. This goes from one to the other, but it's getting exciting. We know Nikki Haley's in. We know that they ramen Swami is in and we also know that it looks like Mike Pence Mike Pompeo and so many others are poised to jump in, including governor Ron DeSantis who's book is out today. He'll be on a little bit later. That's the latest from the metro diner. Thanks so much for coming. Thank you, kilmeade, pardon me. You want to sing along to that. Thank you, smash mouth. It's an interesting. There was no one in the diner that actually is voting for Ron DeSantis. And it's his state. What's going on there? All right, let's go to the phones. Keith in North Carolina, listening to us on the talk station. Hi Keith, what's going on? Well, Todd, before I even begin, I'm just going to give you a kudos. Once again, you're presenting a superb program. Well, thank you, sir. I appreciate that. I mean, you really are. You bring forth some very good information and good callers. I was going to mention a couple of things else, but I got in trouble once for going off talking, copied and grace got on to me. She's a stickler Keith, stick to it. Stick to it. Well, Dylan warned me. Well, the reason that I called it was I played baseball for years. I've got friends that played baseball for years. And if Major League Baseball wants to bring more people into the fold, cut the cost of going to a ball game. I mean, it cost an arm and a leg to take a family of four. By the time you get there, I'll end the northeast Arkansas. We drive up to St. Louis. By the time the game was over, you had to get a motel room. Then you gotta eat the cost of the concessions within the within the stadium. Outrageous. Just kept the cost to make it more affordable. I am looking so Keith, what you were talking about, this goes back to we did a piece on the new pitch clock. And it has shaved off at least right now it's shaving off in spring training 30 to 40 minutes per game. But to your point, I just pulled up the average ticket prices for major league games Boston Red Sox $75. A ticket, Keith, and you're right, I guess when you throw in the cracker jacks and the baptist martini, man, you're going to be spending well over a $100, just for one person. Easily. So you think that's the reason why people are getting turned off from baseball. It's not necessarily the length of the game. It's the price. It's both..

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