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Can help me out I hope so too I I live hi and I have been using a program with the hiking map all of them to I don't know that AV E. N. Z. A. yeah neat and you can search for you know certain parts of that ride you can download the maps but hiking trails for those parts that they have available I'm immediately guy uses that looks great and it's also on iOS and android but it's also on the web that's really cool and that was good about it is also that it's like the maps or GPS enabled or whatever so that you can see where you are on the trail that's always a problem because Google maps might show some trails but it's not very complete so having that and the actual trail that that's fantastic and what and in case you you know I mean in the old days you might look at the map and go oh well you know what where am I speaking to how deep into the woods you have to have compass skills why don't you eight oh here's a bridge program across all right you know I remember I remember yeah so it's great because you can see how where you are perfect I'm getting that right now that's fantastic guy to do it yeah well we're not all hiking a lot more than than we used to write if you're lucky enough to live near the wilderness the wild country you can hike we got a lot of hikes in northern California so that's great and and actually it can actually get the trail biking trails are around here and then New York New Jersey area there are a lot you would not believe it but that's why it's helpful to have this right because due to find them right yeah but it used to but my I went last weekend to the Delaware water gap and to be a fun parking lot was like over low but they all have the same idea yeah I have never seen so many people on the trails out here and of course everybody's walking their dog it's a good excuse to get out that we just all keepers social distance you know six feet away and it's fine exactly exactly it's really actually I think it's necessary to you know get cabin fever you gotta get outside yeah and and also you just get away from the news if you know your well cleared I find I get out in nature it's reassuring because it it's it continues right it it it's all there any any sometimes it's kind of easy to feel like the whole world's falling apart when you go out nature and it's all alive and everybody's doing good it's just a nice thing I find yeah it really is now so the thing is though now that I don't know if it's possible if you know about this I had some maps that were made even by the local county of local trails maybe smaller parks I would like to make at the same like GPS or right where and I've even got the map there have been a we aided by map makers but they just don't they're not in the event that or any kind of similar apps and I was wondering if there is a way that you can mail orient any given map if you scanned it looks better the real yes so I'm looking at the vans and it's it it sounds like they do their own maps they're not using any of the publicly available mapping systems but there there's one you should know about that you can contribute to it's an it's an open source crowd sourced mapping technology called OpenStreetMap it's an OpenStreetMap dot org in fact you would be doing everyone a great service if you would contribute the information you have about those trails to OpenStreetMap once you've done that you can use the OpenStreetMap app on your phone and the GPS will work and everything so that's right that's what I would like yeah and to share with other people it is the ideal yeah exactly in fact openstream act only exist because people have done this in some ways you know in in you'll see OpenStreetMap referred to in Google maps and Bing maps they get used by other people as well and so there many maps that use open street maps I don't yeah I I don't know if they have an open street maps apps per se but there are many apps that use OpenStreetMap on the iPhone and android phone in those maps would work with the GPS in the phone and pinpoint you on the map so that's great yeah I would look at OpenStreetMap dot org you may be surprised at how well the trails are mapped already one of the things OpenStreetMap does which is really great is if you have a GPS tracker you can take your track you know record your track and apply it to open street maps and that will help make open street maps better people are doing that all the time so my guess is it might be very well represented trails might be very well represented OpenStreetMap maybe even better than than streets because I think the kind of people that support OpenStreetMap probably do a lot of hiking would be my guess life flight and I'll I'll get it looks good I want to be able to create mine because I know they're not available on event day then there are smaller parks the United people only pay attention to order a yeah tensions are not to that's a good a good suggestion yeah I'm I'm a big fan I think we should all support it because Google's so dominant Google apple and Microsoft really dominate this field Tom Tom and I. T. be nice to have a crowdsourced map we can all use for free is a great idea I think.

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