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Synagogue. The gunman firing off about ten rounds in total the air fifteen style rifle purchased just the day before. Victims. With the gunman firing. Oscar, Stuart didn't think he just ran take about two steps. And I just turn around and go the other way the look on his face was one of dread as I'm coming at him. He drops his weapon each possible the gunman's weapon. Then malfunction I yelled, I'm going to kill you. I chased him out. So I chased him to his vehicle. He gets in the car raises the weapon, and I took with all my force. I hit the side of the car with all my might Stuart says at this point Jonathan morale off-duty border patrol agent and congregate. Also joined in he comes out, and I hear him say fallback, I have a gun and then he lets off five rounds at the car still parked. And at this point, we ran out of munition the car starts to go. And we both take the the license plate number down debate. Ran back in to survey the damage he done the rabbi shot congregants Laurie K line on the floor. We proceed to start doing CPR on her at what point did Howard lorries husband turn up. Howard's a physician, so I you so I jumped up, and I went and got the AD. He says, I'm not getting the pulse. I'm not getting a pulse. So he reaches over and looks at Laurie in. That's when you realize it was his wife the whole time. He's working, right? He he didn't know who she was he passes out. He faints he got Howard laying on the floor. I've Laurie comes running it sends their daughter the daughter. The only daughter that watching both of your parents down there lauch fully realized but a mile and a couple of minutes later police stopped. The shooter suspect pulled over jumped out of his car with his hands up and was immediately taken into custody. But for the other victims, the scars still remain is there one image that you can't get out of your head. When he's looking me, and you made me. And you want to shut me like that. That's in my face lake. You can't forget I try full yet. But those are the time coming in a statement the shooter's family said that to our great shame. His now part of the history of evil has been perpetrated on Jewish people for centuries. We have a societal failure with a rampant number of mass attacks. Michael masters directs homeland security initiative that focuses on safety in Jewish American communities. Does anything about this gunman's profile making similar to other or previous attacks? I think we're still learning a lot about the individual. But from what we know that he was able to purchase a firearm and move to an active attack. So quickly is a trend that we're increasingly seeing in the past year. There have been an increasing number of attacks on places of worship bombs ripped through Christian churches in Sri Lanka killing over two hundred and fifty people on Easter Sunday. And last month the gunmen attacking several mosques in Christchurch New Zealand killing forty nine people. And to six months ago at the tree of life synagogue in. Pittsburgh eleven people were killed for little Neue for scores. A reminder of what she and far too many children like her have endured do feel safe. Well. If you'll save because it's not the first definitely not last. So now, I just know what to watch on stuff for teenagers thing sapping coming up a sitdown with Alex trebek's. Jeopardy host discusses his obstacles and optimism. As he battled pancreatic cancer on perspective after this simply safe is award winning home security that knows it feels good to feel secure in your home blizzards blackout burglars. Simply safe protects you through it all twenty four seven try simply safe with free shipping and free returns. You'll get a sixty day risk-free trial to order now and have your home protected within a week. Go to SimpliSafe dot com slash now. To get started today. That's SimpliSafe dot com slash now. Be sure to visit the site. So they know we sent you get cash back for shopping. You were already going to do racket in is a free member base. Loyalty program that lets you earn cashback on shopping it over twenty five hundred stores like Macy's best buy Nike and more. Shop online internet percentage of every purchase. You make up to forty percent cashback every three months. Members are paid the pay pal or another method. Sign up today at rackets in dot com. That's our A K U T E N dot com from ABC news. This is perspective. Closer look at the week's top stories and the stories you may have missed I'm Sherry Preston. Coming up an ice climbers climate change mission. But first this week jeopardy host Alex trebek's discussed his cancer battle on good Morning, America. Seventy eight year old. I con was hosted jeopardy for thirty-five years revealed the cancer diagnosis in March said he was grateful for the support. He's gotten for fans around the world. Here's ABC's Byron Pitts. The bowl sounds like it's going to be fun. Any control? Birdie sophisticated ballet missive OB in seemingly all knowing. What is destiny for thirty five years? Nearly eight thousand episodes Alex trebek's has been the unflappable host of jeopardy. Making him one of the most enduring recognizable figures on television out gum, America's favorite answering question game jeopardy, even holding a Guinness world record for hosting the most episodes of the single game show f let's have some fun. Here comes the jeopardy round. But just two months ago. He shared this heart. Breaking news just like fifty thousand other people in the United States each year this week was diagnosed with stage, four

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