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Ad for your movie I've ever saying Golden Globe nominee or Golden Globe. And then it helps for Oskar. I would imagine. Yeah. Down the line. So I'm not a big fan of this. I know some people are we doing entertainment news show here. So I would be remiss if I didn't at least talk about who won last night. So here are last night's winters from the Golden Globes right now, keep in mind. This is just a recap of the major awards. They do have awards for both television and film, and I don't wanna go onto long, but the best performance by an actress in a television series musical or comedy that went to Rachel Brosnahan. For the marvelous MRs Mazel over there on Amazon best performance by an actor in television series, musical or comedy. Michael Douglas for the Kaminsky method. See I'm talking about best television series musical or comedy that went to the Kaminsky method from net flicks. Best performance by an actress and. A television series drama that went to Sandra oh for killing eve on BBC America. Best performance by an actor in a television series drama. Richard Madden for bodyguard best television series drama, went to the Americans over there on FX, the only supporting acting categories they have are for motion pictures, and that's for any motion picture, either drama comedy or musical best. Actress in a supporting role in any motion picture went to Regina king for if Beale street could talk best actor in supporting role in any motion picture MMA Herschel alley for green book best actor in a motion picture drama Rami Malik for his work as Freddie Mercury in bohemian, rhapsody, best actress and emotion picture drama, Glenn Close for the wife best motion picture drama bohemian rhapsody beat out star is born that was his prize best actress and emotion picture musical or comedy was Livia Coleman for the favourite best actor in motion picture musical or comedy Christian bale for vice can we see that best motion picture music? Comedy was the green book and then the category. I really cared about best motion picture animated that went to Spiderman into the spider verse, which I thought was pretty cool. So there you go those are your major awards from last night's Golden Globes. Speaking of the golden gloves. I didn't know this. But talk about where the money is. Did you know that if you're an actress was a nominee for the Golden Globes you can make somewhere in the neighborhood of two hundred thousand dollars just by walking on the red carpet? Really? Yes. Because the people who design clothes and handbags and make up they make deals with these actresses before the Golden Globe nominations or even announced they start to get an vibe on who's going to be nominated, and they will cut product endorsement deals with these actresses. So you can get fifty thousand dollars for wearing some jewelry. Another fifty thousand dollars for a certain clutch or handbag you're going to carry zainur for a gown might give you one hundred thousand dollars to wear their. Address and just by walking down a red carpet, you can make anywhere between fifty to two hundred thousand how do we get in the show business? Right. How do we become women in show business where popular win awards? Here's the thing. When they talked about it with the people who broker these deals they said like I mentioned they start negotiating before the nominations or even announced sometimes they'll take a bath. They'll think oh this person will be nominated. I'm art. But this deal has already check. And then sometimes on the other side, they do very well from themselves if somebody wins and their picture is everywhere and they're talking to every news outlet. And they said who were you wearing and they it's just great. But this end or someone is cheaper than the trying to shoot a commercial or something. About it's money. Well, spent way cheaper and gets more exposure. But I was blown away by that number two hundred grand just to show up at an award ceremony. Walked down the red carpet. Damn good living. Right there him. I guess guys. Don't really have that. We're suits. Yeah..

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