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It's probably you dot. Com is not resolved to anything can get that he has he has lots of bitcoin. I mean his pledge rate of funds that he can use. So yeah. I i didn't i didn't hear anything. It's it's very. What if he changes his last name to ye then what. What are his kit. Whatever his kids last night do they stay west or do they. You know so. We're stays wife his. Yeah that that's their decision. That's not his legal name anymore though doesn't change because yeah if i change my legal my kids don't take the day. I think you should change your legal name to or like for short for orange right. Just just we're going to start calling you or like you're wouldn't is this. I happy with with pa- let's see with j. p. joe joe joey. All those are acceptable. Joseph are they but that or not or you can't introduce hashtag hashtag or yeah. And now. I mean i'm i've been working on this godfather konta marketing and now the godfather condom marketing. Everybody silence that's right. Or what's or that's like. You don't like hyundai being your ye see but then you get issue a whole cryptocurrency. It could be or coin there. We you know you're you're not. You're not appreciating the level of branding that this could actually bring about for you. Yeah i yeah. I'm not but whatever anyways how are you our i'm fine. I'm doing fine. i'm doing fine. I'm i'm i could not be more excited for the start of football in literally. Two weeks like the break. I'm i don't like the break from the two week break from the last preseason game opening day. That's a long time i wanted. I wanted to hear that was. Yeah sure that was a. I'm sure that was a negotiated point. Yeah i mean. It's fine right. Although as roy can't would say you don't sell it right. That's not settled for right. But i was gonna say. Wow it's really hard to quote. Roy can't without getting. Oh yeah rail on my wife got me in. Afc richmond shirt the other day. Oh that's oh absolutely. Of course she is. She doesn't listen to this podcast. So i can talk about her She's in love with roy cat. Yeah well so is my wife. I mean every every woman is is man for that for that matter is is in love those people that don't over talking about talking about ted lasso royd can't one of the main characters on and he He cusses he has uses more f words in a sentence than anyone possibly can. And i even said because. She's so enamored by and i'm like. Do you want me to cuss like that. It's the and she's basically civil. Your roy cat yes. you're five. Do whatever if you ought to be more like that. So i'm trying to add more efforts to my vocabulary. Do you know that the actor for that was not originally going to play that part. Oh tell me what so he was there. So the guy who brett goldstein is the actor's name and he basically was a writer he was hired to be a writer on the show and basically when he you know he was struck by one of the characters of course lee in broad kent And basically he then started to petition the producers of the show to play. Roy kent and he got it and it just basically he sort of now inhabited that character..

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