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The voice of the Louisville bats on just gargantuan nights for Josh Van Meter, the pride of I think, it's OC an Indiana. He went the norwell high school and Nixon Zile who collects a hit for the sixth consecutive game since he was called up or actually promoted after the injury. I'm going to stick with my prediction if it's not over the weekend. It will be on the west coast trip. I said once he got back the the reds have played him about nine. I think was nine games in the outfield in spring training. That's what he degraded to. I think it was seventy three innings the equivalent of nine games. The thinking was once he got up here. If he proved the ankle was healthy. I was thinking if he gets in that range, maybe gets the ten. I think he'll be up here that would put him here. You could do it for the home games this weekend Friday, Saturday Sunday Monday, or you could wait take him away from the hoopla and the fanfare and sticky on the west coast starting on Tuesday. But I'm gonna say between Friday and Tuesday Nixon's ill will be here. And I think at that point, unfortunately for him, Scott shetler will be back at triple a Louisville and can work on clearing his head and getting a swing a back order. Right. We're saying Josh Kareem Ken will be the leadoff hitters one two and three of the order as we continue. This is the Kelsey Chevrolet extraditing show on seven hundred wwl w. You're listening to seven hundred wwl tummy. And I wanna thank you for taking the time to tune in. In fact, I was going to send you a thank you note. But I lost your address, which is also why you didn't get the invite to my.

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