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I do have prime and yeah, I have prime. So yeah, here's a great opportunity for whenever I'm sure you did prime and I'm sure there's some areas that you might not have passed and failed, take some of the movements that are in there. And that's where I would insert them into your programming. Yeah, what part of England are you from, by the way? I just feel in west Yorkshire. Yeah, good deal. My wife's family's from England and I forgot what Paul I'll tell her. To somebody from that area. And I do like training for strength as well. And I like doing, I don't like doing biceps, but I like doing tricep dips. And that's obviously probably going to imbalance my arms. I imagine. Not a lot. I mean, you're still doing pulling stuff. You're still rowing and pull downs and stuff like that. You want to do extra tricep work. That's totally fine. Especially things like dips. Yeah, dips are great for a range of motion. Yeah, so that's a valuable exercise. Yeah, you're totally fine. Okay, cool. All right. Thank you very much. Cassie, I know you said you already have prime. Do you have prime pro? Because that's got some more advanced mobility movements. I don't have time for you. We're going to send that over to you, all right? Oh, perfect. Thank you. We're going to mail it all the way over to England. Thank you. Thank you, Cassie. Thanks for that. All right. Thank you very much. Thanks guys. Thank you. I'm glad Sal, you brought up the point about body fibers. Because here's something that's just more common with women. I feel like I'm getting too big, usually it's a body fat thing, you know? Yeah, no, she may have great arms. And here's the thing where I think that's why I'm glad you brought that up is sometimes that's just it. They just store more body fat in that area. And then they want to avoid it because they feel like it's already thick and I don't want to get any bigger there. And if that's the case, then I actually wouldn't want my client to stop doing buys and try. This is what's hard about doing this over the foot. But it's okay. No, no, no. 100%. It's not like we're avoiding backwards. Yeah, if you're going to drop anything off, she's getting bicep work through all the other pooling movements. So it's not a big deal. But this is where it's hard on the podcast because I don't see her. I don't train her. We're not working together. If I was her coach, I would be able to go like you're fine. We just need to lean out. Plus you have a relationship with no. That's not muscle. I think you're okay. I think the muscle once we get lean, you'll be happy. That's right. And now with women, here's a deal. Very rarely, are they actually too big for my muscle perspective if they are? That's my guess. If they are, it's rare, but if they are, here's the two body parts where it's 99.9% of the time, the issue. Number one calves, women can and have had calves that my wife is like, my wife's calves, or she got bodybuilder calves, she doesn't work them, and she never wants to work them. Luckily, she has small ankles, so it looks real good, but if she trained her calves, they would blow up, so I would totally get that. The second 1 may be legs, and that's it. I have yet to meet a woman ever..

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