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Dot com slash events marketplace i'm kai ryssdal this pride month you've seen the rainbows probably it's also the fiftieth anniversary of the stonewall uprising pivotal moment in the gay rights movement in this country there are pride celebrations in a lot of places commemorating stonewall there's also a lot of very visible corporate support company logos are now rainbow colored rainbow flags or hanging on offices and government buildings even on the new york federal reserve down on wall street here in manhattan l._g._b._t._q. people and support groups have worked for decades to get that kind of acceptance some though has started asking whether there is such a thing is too much marketplace's revenge has that story june twenty eighth nineteen sixty nine twenty year old dale mitchell and his boyfriend are walking down the street through the west village in new york and we saw up ahead a bunch of flickering blue police lights the police were rating the stonewall inn as they often did harassing arresting the clientele for being gay or gender non conforming the police were carting off the patrons to a nearby paddy wagon and three drag queens if i remember correctly the cups particularly like to pick on drag queens one of them broke free and she said come on faggots let's riot they did and after that uprising something changed in the gay rights movement it became louder pride marches across the u._s. were set up to commemorate stonewall eric marcus is historian and host the making gay history podcast he remembers one of his first pride celebrations in nineteen eighty and he says back then these were protest marches without a lot of mainstream support because gay people were six sinful disgusting horrible illegal people nobody wants to be associated with gay people and no corporation company selling things other than perhaps a bath house would advertise gay people know it was it was laughable that changed this is from c._b._s. coverage of san francisco's pride parade in twenty eighteen Content on this route as well. Always has a huge. well fargo macy's i think it's great i think it's terrible historian eric marcus again i live in chelsea in manhattan last year i saw a float go by with a with a rainbow painted outdoor patio chair and it was for a patio furniture company i thought this has just gone too far last year's new york pride parade had more than one hundred floats and five hundred fifty contingents including corporate sponsors and small businesses the business presence in l._g._b._t._q. oriented advertising generally feels exploitative to people like robin scott she tried to march one of new york's pride parades last year with a nonprofit group and we were supposed to step off at two and at six we still hadn't left and i'd spent four hours to circling behind like an inflatable chipotle burrito it was just advertising and the whole parade was choked with it which is why this year she's marching in alternative pride parade in new york the queer liberation march it's the same as the main prayed but in the morning in northrop is one of the organizers and mostly there will just be people know corporate floats nothing like that and we've even had a few politicians who wanna march with us and we've had to tell them look this is just not the place for campaigning northrop's concerned that some corporations are just using l._g._b._t._q. images to make themselves look better something she calls pink washing at the same time she acknowledges corporations have been critical to promoting l._g._b._t._q. causes nondiscrimination and domestic partner benefits before gay marriage was legal for example maurice inle many businesses opposed the bathroom bam north carolina that targeted trans people so we'll fargo has been committed the l._g._b._t._q. community for just over thirty years now it goes back to nineteen eighty seven when we first inc sexual orientation in our nondiscrimination policy john lake is v._p. of marketing for wells fargo and says his company's donated fifty million dollars to q. charities and advocacy groups over the last thirty years our participation in pride actually goes back twenty five years we've been involved with pride events since nineteen ninety-three says corporate visibility may be old news in some large cities but not everywhere for the visibility i feel really matters is in smaller communities around the country you know we're in places like sioux falls south dakota in winston salem anchorage alaska and i feel like our visibility there means so much ultimately corporate visibility during pride whether it's marketing or floats rainbow flags and logos is a product of the movement's success the idea that there might be too much corporate visibility was nearly unthinkable fifty years ago back then beer bottles were smashed against police vans today beer bottles have rainbow flags on them in new york i'm super venture for marketplace the first official week of summer has arrived and with it an increasing number of those out of office automatic email responses i'm out of the office till such and such a date might not respond to your email right away you know the kind right pretty straightforward most of them but there are some that land in your inbox and you say pretty good i wish i thought of that so today we start an occasional series automatic reply highlighting the more creative ways that people say yeah you know what try again later if you're reading this doc brown was unable to get lightning to strike the clock tower at the right moment and i'm stuck in nineteen fifty five i won't be able to respond to emails until july tenth twenty nineteen or until email is invented whichever comes first that were sheva stella she's the communications director consumer advocacy group called public knowledge those favorite tell us about an out of office email response you have seen we'll get it on the program marketplace dot org is where you can do that this final note on the way out today just because we have a nod to the federal reserve up at the top of the program and what people are guessing about what the fed may or may not do on interest rates when next it meets church powell was in new york for speech today he said in essence we'll see what the data says about a rate cuts but then and we're playing this because every time the president says he has the authority to fire or demote the fed chair because he doesn't like its policies it gets all kinds of play even though he actually doesn't have that thirty well we're playing it 'cause then in the his speech today pal said this the fed is insulated from short term political pressures what is often referred to as our independence congress chose to insulate the fed this way because it had seen the damage that often arises when policy benz to short-term political interests.

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