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Schools canceled anyway for the three weeks or so but they had to do other stuff in one thing that my sister said today was like her. Kids are fighting less which is weird but barely. It's a good thing out of these dark times. We did said a neighbor kid home the other day he was telling my kids. Have you watched videos of dogs having sex low that he's eight nine? That's really you need to go home. Yeah there's a good Lord. I don't watch as much as I used to. Because they got the kids around you know can't do. Pr Porn give say that playstations getting more dust I got the quest buddy. That's right Monkey stated he's been building a cord research. Cova Coleman Cove in nineteen research LAB UNLESS THE RESEARCH LAB. He's building actually called. Corbett nineteen could be it could be. I mean or it could be like Corbin. Dallas from fifth element is risky is working like the same but she misses the gym metoo. Now you to Go go run outside the other day. This is GONNA sound messed up. GotTa run outside the other day and it was not as Kinda cold out and it was painful. It hurt my lungs smoker. How cold like forty five. I'M JIM by aim is not improving but yeah grinding out siding. Burson running inside on the treadmill was not very friendly to my loans. You should go by. I WanNa make a comment. I do WANNA say that. This is probably the longest. Chris has enjoyed his man cave. Yes definitely Yes for sure. I've enjoyed it a lot My wife is now working from home and working in this very spot. She works in here. Eight hours of fucking day and Alliott spend maybe two. It's fucking ridiculous and set it wrong. You're the proper term is fucking embarrassing. Heart it's ridiculous. It's monkey point soon as you've stopped smoking poll monkey. Oh that's never gonNA happen. Oh sorry in your line of work. It's probably called smoking pipe right. Yeah Yeah Chris. Come back Smackers gone smoking pipe. He's in the navy anymore next last cheese next next. What are we next? In for twelve pattern. Yeah I guess I guess we're going to end this episode this lovely episode. I'd like to say Nick and Houston Texans for giving me the the weapon of the year the best trade ever thank you Be Obese. You're the man. He's not a Houston fan he's AC- oxygen now. Can Hawks House well? But he is ox fan so so question for you nick. Are People out there. Extremely pissed off and there's more suicide rate is higher than the corona virus because of this whole situation because it seems like really dark times in Houston for all that crazy shit. There's a lot of people finding a nice knowing you so that in Boston fans are going crazy. That's great that's great. That's amazing well go cards. This is Chris. I'M GONNA go play video games. I am out. This is John. I'M GONNA go eat dinner. And then maybe get a second W on warzone tonight. Miguel Santiago plays Solos Fuck you guys. Joe Chris isn't probably not gonNA play some video games but if he does play. Let's play the game on goes on. This is not a test. This is your emergency broadcast system Paul.

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