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And and they were doing this one solo piece for me, we were in the mixing stage, and the younger eggos you've been know who this other guy is I'm sorry. I don't and the younger. I goes just show him just show him and the other guy goes, okay? And he starts going. Noonday ended any played the opening baseline for Nancy Sinatra's these boots may walk. The fuck does and crowd of hall that was over a capital Dow isn't a cab, but this was on a different movie were at the time. And and it was like holy shit. It's like where did that come from? He's like I was just trying different things that we tried that in the worked, and it's like that's one of the most iconic baseline just shook his head. You shook the hand that every time just did it for me. It was great. Yeah. And every time you hear it. As always I go on tangents on here. So getting back to the movie where can people see this? Because that was the thing that came on inside. Well, we came out in November. But this is the thing though, it's not like, no one saw it. It's just it hasn't been where people are gonna see it. And I feel like what I'm starting to realize little as I know about this whole movie game is that people nowadays like to get him to go out to theaters it has to be like a big aqua n- marvel thing it seems or like a like a chick flick like that a star is born a has to be an event of some kind. Yeah. To get you to get you out. Let's expensive. I mean, look it's gonna cost fortune to go to the movies and. And you have to have a real reason you wanna wanna go with people and now the size of these frigging flat screen TV's. It's like you really do have like your own movie scream. No one's going to be talking. You can hit pause. So this movie the front runner is a great one to sit down and watch without the distractions of going to the movie theater. I think and what I love what I fucking loved about this movie when I finally saw it was how you don't do that fucking thing that I hate in movies, where you lead people around the like, you have a point you I'm trying to make and you know, and I'm going to you know, if even have half, a brain, you know, what the point is as the movie starting and then you're gonna hit me over the head with it for hour and a half two hours..

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