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The district nine election results should be certified Brett Jensen WBZ news is on his way to Raleigh. We'll check in with him next hour with a preview of what's coming down the pipe today. What could or could not happen? We do know this that Mark Harris. He will not be there. Neither will Dan mccready fairly. Mark Harris is dealing with some health issues a bit under the weather, but neither of the candidates will be there today. More from FOX, Forty-six Charlotte's, Derek Dellinger. The big question in the district case right now is whether a judge will certify the race the hearing for that is set for Tuesday in a just decision could be the clincher. That's for went that decision will come local experts say it will be later rather than sooner the case comes down to a petition Republican Marquez filed earlier this month in rawley for certification. He has more than one argument for why he wants and he believes he wanted district nine race back in November. And he says the congressional district needs representation. The state board of elections, though, says their investigation end to election fraud in that race needs to run. Its course something that Harrison's rival democrat, Dan McCreevy agrees with I think it's gonna be a hard legal hill to climb stunt. You J Michael Bedser is a political science professor at catava college. And he says this is Mark your case to prove Harrison has provided over six hundred pages of documents to support his case. But then there's the state board of elections Spitzer says they don't have to make a big case. But they do have to explain why it's taken so long. I think certainly the investigation that songs in some people's minds to be taking longer which certainly raise questions, but I would point to any type of other criminal activity or investigation being done by law enforcement, should a judge decide the district night race appeals can come from either the Harris or McCreevy campaign US house of representatives does have an ultimate authority on seating. And democratic leaders. They're already say they won't see Harrison investigation is complete into the district nine election. Derek FOX Forty-six, Charlotte. This statement from Mark Harris yesterday, quote, this is a.

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