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I'm going to tell you the real real deal listening today. I'm going to answer all your burning questions about work. Life starting a company on track and much much more be sure who to call in to the business unusual hotline with your question at eight Barbara. That's eight eight eight B. A. R. B. R. A.. The first one is the right time to hire a publicist to promote your business. And how do you do that smartly today. We have a caller who's asking and should I hire the publicist now. Should I not at all and is good for stupid. Money spent listen. I'm going to give him some advice. Not really needs to hear. Hi Barbara My name is Tai from Boise. Idaho I'd like to know how to find the right marketing. The group or publicists promote your new product. Seems like there's so many out there that just WanNa take your money but how did you find the right one appreciate some advice. Thanks for hi TY BARBARA FOR FORTY YEARS I've worked with many publicity companies. It's certainly an expensive proposition. But let me start by asking ASCII. Why do you need one will? We are launching a new product company. And what are you sell product. We have gone called rural lights. There are new consumer markets are actually the consumer light sconces that going in the house and they actually opened up enclosed when you turn on and off and trying to get the word out there and get people to understand them in contract customers. I mean you gotTa have revenue branding is not my forte rid. You seldom tie right now. We sell them all online and then we also are trying to work with is a bunch of manufacturer reps or they go out in contact different lighting companies to represent our products to them. We you're talking. We do this. Who's the other irving good business partner? We've been in business for ten years. We actually own another company and we started for a light says a new consumer market company. So we're we're branching out okay and is it related to your core. Business is also lighting companies. A new kind of lighting but related to what you've done already. Yeah we've been in the lighting business for about ten years as we make our military lighting for aircraft and tanks vehicles. So they're pretty sturdy and We decided we want to get into the consumer market a little bit bigger pie out there. There we actually had developed New Light that nobody else out there. Has We went to a trade show recently and it was really well received. People were happy because it's something new. They were very gracious to see that some news coming out on the market. So we're trying really hard to find the best method to promote when you went to the trade show. Did she take orders. It wasn't wasn't badly that kind of a trade show is more of a manufacturer rep trade show and we got tons of contacts and excitement and we've been diligently working signing up these different it rips in the last month that this has all happened like within the last thirty five days really fast. So the reps that you're signing up is so that they can go out and sell your product product to the retail space so that the retail space can sell it to your consumer. That exactly how it works. That is correct again they also promote it to you know. No lighting designers and various people like that so tied. Tell me once more. Why is this light special? I'm not sure quite got that. If you think give a normal Scott slate that might be on your wall you go to turn the switch on it just comes on turn. It often turns off really quick. We decided we wanted to add a new artistic element to do those. And they're kind of a mini piece of artwork. When you actually turn the switch on they slowly open up? And they changed form in shape in the lane gradually increases and then when you actually turn the switch off the lights actually revert back to their normal stage and they have a little soft glow about him. So it's kind of unique. It's kind of a new product. South sounds spooky to me and you have two lights that look like little field mice on the wall and then you turn them on and suddenly they grow into an elephant. You've got to be elephant. Funny we know give me an example of how they change shape just like visual of it. And then I'll leave you alone on describing over and over again. No no problem at all. One of our lights is called the apex of a triangle. Shape as you go to turn it on. It actually grows outward so the side piece actually become bigger. The backlight lights up the wall while the front our delight as a RGB lights and they're made out of aluminum covers. They look really artistic. Actually Pretty Pretty Nice. It sounds to me more like you're selling art versus you. Selling life is a mixture of both It's targeted for a high end market. It's not your average going down to home depot so in Celena alight. This is kind of a higher end a home automation products. You know one more thing. What are they sell for list price on him is roughly seventeen hundred dollars? This is precis artwork really okay and the military lights who've been selling to the military audience. That has nothing to do you. These lights who you're selling to you're going out into a totally different landscape to sell your new business right. That is correct. Yep this is a totally new company. Okay okay thank you. Thank you for taking the time to explain a little bit more. I need to picture something to really help somebody. So now I get the lay of the land. You have quite beautiful lights. That are or beautifully made have a high price seventeen hundred dollars. Typically people wouldn't necessarily buy them for the practical aspect of lighting their room. They would buy them into. Wow people like wow what is that. That's gorgeous more like a piece of art both correct. Yeah Okay and you've recently been talking to reps direct you to the retail stores. Hi Sue high end so that people could come in and actually buy them. Yeah okay I mean it's hard when you're a new company. It's hard to wave your hand out there to you. Know in the big world of the Internet. I you offering them online right now. Now we do offer them. Online people can order them online. And what are you sales online. We haven't had any sales of those online yet. We've just had a couple orders through some reps ups and do people visit you online. Have you been promoting you online site. We have slightly through Google Edwards and stuff like that but We we really like a marketing company. Kinda take it over into. We've hired marketing companies in the past and it seems like you know they want fifteen thousand dollars from you just even answer the the phone. Fill out a ten minute survey from your product. That's exactly right and then instead of that you're thinking if I get the right. Pr Company they could put it out there. Get a lot of Action around it attention around it and the people will just have to go online or go to the store and buy a lights often. Wonder if a publicist isn't better I mean it seems like maybe they can draw more more attention to it and trying to find out if it's the bang for the buck it's not I'm going to tell you neither is for now anyway. You don't mind if I tell it to you straight right no. Let's take a short break to talk about a company. I love my friends at onto business..

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