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Broadcasting loss from the epicenter of the american liberal media comes like cox new york city ready to believe you everybody it's john gibson will get is the morning after and that there could be no other subject to discuss coast to coast from the southern border to the northern from the atlantic to the pacific and all the tim between present trump speech but it was i mean i don't we can did once or twice mic maybe two times living there was a partial third where he d be added from the script otherwise he appeared to have read the speech every ridden without embellishment other than in his tone and delivering and just it just didn't egg and great job much to the should grin of democrats i'd kept envisioning somebody go who comes up late hits a home run after home run in and the outfielder's just stand there with their arms hanging down to watch the most fly out of the park that that seemed to be what was goalie in what was going on last night and yeah listen number four i am all citizens storm brace this reno of the american.

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