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All right. Good morning. Six twenty three and welcome to the Casey o'day radio program. Hang on there. By the way. I don't know which elevator. You came up this morning Ross. We were I was gonna I was gonna talk to you about this immediately. And then everything was on fire. So did you come up the one with the random vacuum cleaner? Just sitting in a no I went up the outside the building today. Oh, okay. You know, I'm trying to get more fit. So. Yeah. Yeah. No. That's that's that's good. Now. The so what are the elevators has? It's the so it's the vacuum. The overnight cleaning little Asian couple uses right? You've been in here when they're in here. Oh, yeah. It's. They are a cause they're older it in BUSTER here at least the guys older. And so he he'll come comes flying through here, man. And I it's like it's like Tasmanian devil around around the floor of Europe been in here when they're coming through. So what pointing out is there wildly efficient at the job that they do. And so at the vacuum cleaner just sitting in the elevator. And they're nowhere to be seen. Maybe they've been taken have we considered that do we know because I've never seen him leave a scrap of paper somewhere and their vacuums just sitting in the middle of the elevator. This morning. As if to say the ransom call will be coming later. So I don't know. So I pushed it out on the seventh floor. So we'll have to come through us if they want it. Okay. All right, good. That's a little strange thing, by the way. Where did you get all those chicken tenders? What do you mind your own business? Why do you have chicken tenders for breakfast? And it's not just like a six piece. He's got a giant thing of chicken ten once again, I'm trying to get in shape. So. Dieback to to breaded chicken chicken's good for you. That's different when it's breaded and then dipped in. Sauce. I know I've got a dietitian I'm somebody who can read. Oh, goodness. Mangoes? What's up? I have a couple of questions real quick. Yeah. Did I just waste eight minutes? Nine minutes of my life last night. Like, I believe it would like ninety two breaks from my is that I wasted. Well. They were already heard him say well, hold on. You also have to add in the seven minutes or so that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer said what they've already said so in totality in totality. You wasted. Some sixteen minutes for life. I didn't. I didn't watch them. Oh, okay. Probably. You should have. It was actually amusing it was more amusing because the visual Donald Trump, right? Little sniffly, and was definitely on teleprompter, which doesn't allow them to be as animated as usual. So was a difference. Yeah, robot but Schumer were very uncomfortable to watch. So. And another question. You know, people that set fire to their Nike at all. And and destroyed the coffee machine. Do you put them in the move back category? It depends. But the I have you have to understand the moon bad is for somebody who's an insane leftist a tin foil. No, no, no, no. But hear me out, but I reserve tin foil hat for extreme right, though, occasionally there is crossover. So and I put them on equal par. Our you know, I listen to you every morning, man. You bring them into work, and you were. On the moon back 'cause Burdette burden burden your feet because a man gets a contract. Look if you forgot to take the Nikes off before you burn them, that's a whole level of right there. In fact, I hope they let you go. Do you think would be black bachelor? Didn't they have a black a black bachelorette, right? The white rim await for. I'm not even gonna comment, sir. I might have been a long day. There is. So there was some, you know, what screw you dude. Because I was at some place over the weekend, and it's like Ijaz elbow was. There was not even fair. And then there's me. Yeah. All right. Get out of here. It's just like like superhero, dude just standing there. And it's just me. And a couple of buddies were sitting there were sitting at the bar just meeting up down a drink talking about, you know, whatever the ones got a new baby. So he's just happy to get out of the house..

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