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We surely would love to have their financial support even five dollars a month is extremely very much appreciated we we work with dulas from all over the state and we provide a service that's really unique i mean we are one on one with these women when they're pregnant we see them twice during pregnancy when we attend their birth and stay with them we also go back and visit them on the day they separate from their babies so they don't have to go through that alone and you know he's having someone walking beside them not really trying to fix things but just witnessing and and making faces specialist possible it's important for that to be less traumatic for them and for their babies then we follow up and we will we go meet them twice afterwards when they're back in fact presence so it's attention it's care that they've probably never received before and it's a wonderful thing i i wouldn't i can't imagine doing anything else well actually i want to thank you for the work that you're doing and the other people who are part of alabama prison birth project and i'll help however i can through my radio show just holler at me when you when you need something and we'll try to get the word out get the message out so that we can help promote alabama prison birth project i appreciate you joining me this morning ashleigh much mark for what you're doing appreciate it bye and that was ashley level with the alabama prison birth project when we come back we're going to have coach gene stallings and what we're gonna talk about his his son john mark wednesday was world down syndrome day looking forward to talking to coach stalin's when we come back you're listening to the mark white show i'm your host mark white have you been dreaming of a new home let matt tesha level of mc l construction guide you through the new.

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