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Than a hundred and fifty two thousand dollars the funds were stolen from so families collection plates and his own church congregations in Snohomish and island counties the highway five thirty landslide swallowed a square mile and an entire neighborhood along the north folk North Fork Stillaguamish river back in March of two thousand fourteen we've seen more drivers out and about in the increase in vehicles is not stopping people from driving at dangerously high speeds king county sheriff deputies say speed played a role in a head on crash in Auburn near southeast green valley road sure sergeant Ryan Abbott says the crash is just another reminder of the dangers we've been seen recently we don't want people losing their life for being seriously injured because people are going to fast in that crash at least one person is in critical condition another is in serious condition come on time is twelve thirty four down to take another check of area roadways here's Chris Calhoun in north Seattle corrections fiftieth street between second Avenue and Roosevelt way are alternating the skewed nearby paving operations please bear in North every both directions a marine view drive between ten straight and help her symbol of art we have a single lane alternating traffic due to road work their speed limit reduction on both directions of I. five between thorn lane into points dot com wrote in the JBL lamb area just remind if there any carnation both directs the highway to a three year old work still water hill road and eighteenth street courtesy account contract Kristen Clarke takes a look at our como eco roof forecast rain it is for us on this Memorial Day we'll look at showers to continue this afternoon especially across the central sound region or.

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