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And then he became a problem, and they immediately traded him What it was, like four days from the start of everything that was happening to his pouty session in the media, the walking off the media zoom and then players coming out and saying, Yeah, we can't be around this guy because he's causing. This isn't helping us try and come together as a team, and if I'm Watson Walk in there and I go trade me. I'm not coming to camp. I'm not playing for this team again. Here's my list. It includes the Jets. It includes the Jags. It includes Miami. And you just ranks him and then maybe another team in there, and I think that to Shawn Watson and Patrick Mahomes. Probably the on Lee two players based on their age and what they've done to this point the career that could Cola franchise. I'm never playing here again. You have to move me. Right, like the NFL is such a cut throat business that most players in the league. It's all right. Well, let's move along, right for most guys, but like to Shawn Watson, Patrick Mahomes are so good at such a young age and we all know this. I think he could dictate policy and get a trade. Freddie Norge, You're on ESPN 1000. What's up, Fred? Hey, guys. Hi guys doing today? Good. What's up? Good. I'm calling about pace, man here in all these talks about us trying to trade for Watson and We're really gonna let this guy trade three more. Three more draft picks for a guy that he could have originally had. Yeah, Who's your quarterback next year? Who's our quarterback next year? Who's Who's going Who's gonna be our future? Sean wants. What's in the hypothetical trade show? Watson? That's your future Is 25. Yeah, okay, He's gonna have no offensive line. He should have the same problems. He had a Houston Yeah, but you'll have him for 10 plus years. We'll have him pretend put here. She's already had two surgeries on one needs You healthy this year. You see him play this year. He He didn't play too well this year. What are you talking about? Didn't play well this year. Watson. Yeah, to show Watson. Did you see a stance is here. Are you serious? Are you serious? Are you for real sees right now we for reals is Here is what I'm trying to say, God, you're gonna trade your whole future for the Bears for one position That doesn't make sense, guys. It's a position that's crippled your franchise for the history of the league and yards this year, Right guys, we are weak and offense of line, so they're there goes his. There's just productive. Nobody right there. He was productive with weak offense in line to begin with. We have an aging defense. We have Ah, defense with so many guys getting paid too much money, and we're gonna Grift our whole future on Watson. Yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely Thank you for the phone call. I'd say he's arguably top five player in the league. Shawn Watson, healthy this season, led the league in yards and he was second in yards per game. He led the league in yards with a bad offensive line to begin with. In a defense that was terrible, which was always putting the Texans in a bad spot. And I know the offensive line was bad. They're not as bad as the Texans offensive line. They're just not know They're not like Part of Fred's point. I understand the concern at the star what he was talking about and you bring him in. Like, how much time you like. Here. Here's the he's 25. Look at the quarterbacks who are retiring now. Philip Rivers. How old is he? And wrought this burger still playing. Aaron Rodgers has like five more good seasons left. At least Tom Brady. Tom Brady's still playing. So if you had to Shawn Watson at 25, you could make an argument. That the show Watson could be a bear for the next 15 years. You're telling me you can't figure out an offensive line 15 years. They'll figure out the offensive line next year that they played better towards the end of the year. I just no good. It was good this year..

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