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And we we who care about the people who are cleaning. The streets driving the buses stocking the shelves all those workers. I mean we love the doctors and the nurses and we hate hearing that how many of them have died is just awful but but all the other workers that we wouldn't be eating the we wouldn't have water in our tap in the kitchen if people weren't at the utility plant all the stuff that has to keep going that unit you see where people go with us. He started at that. What what what Dr so I ask. You is Doctor Emmanuel I don't want false hope but I want the truth and because I think once we get the truth collectively as a society. We can figure out what we need to do. We know the eight eight weeks that were lost there with trump. Wish that we had those back Now what we? We can't go back. We can turn the clock back and you know. He was all all bent out of shape when he found two of his staff. There had the virus and then all of a sudden now what I heard on the news. All the staff from the White House are going to be tested on a daily basis. Which is what all of us would like. You know in that sense of who had something at home. Where could swab or mouth and see that? We're okay for another day because see the thing is to take the test. My right on this if I if I go to the the walking clinic down the street I heard. They had test on there as soon as I walk out of. I'm yes and they find out. I'm negative. I walk out of there though as soon as I touch a DOORKNOB. As soon as I walked by somebody on the street coughs. I can't say two days later that I'm negative can I? I'm negative I'm negative in that moment and and a lot of times you don't get the results right away. You GotTa wait a day or two so by that time. I touched too many doorknobs. I have run into too many people. And it's like what is the test even mean at that point. Yeah I think so first of all. You're absolutely right. The test does meet at that moment. You're negative and you could get the moment. We should also be a little clear that the data is emerging that there seems to be a way of getting it Touching a doorknob is pro. Made I won't say you can't get it that way but probably not the main way most of us Who might end up getting it yet? There Being stuck in a car seems to be important being in the same house and interacting with people overtime seems to be important and the third thing is going to a family event. The party or something where you're with other people for two three four hours. That seems to be important. If you're outside in your six feet apart from people unlikely to get it just touching a counter or surfaced not adapt like. You can't get it there. But it's not the main way of Trent Transmission. So transmission is sharing air with someone for a fair amount of time like in a car. That's how this thing gets transmitted. You'll remember Michael you know that they famous case of That new Rochelle a lawyer who was driven by someone in that other person ended up because he was driving to the hospital or to get the test you know ended up getting infected. That's a likely scenario being with someone in your house. Entertaining them in close quarters the same air over three or four hours. That's another way of getting it So that it's important for people to keep that in mind but I think my clorox wiping my tangerines and I asked him to the skin. I'd why am I? Why am I Clark seeing the Tangerine? I don't do that so I'm not sure why anyone does that. I would say the following. We do need to open up the economy. We need to think about how. We're going to open up the economy. We need to recognize that. It's not just one thing. We do right there. Different kinds of businesses abilities to socially distance. So if you think of restaurants were coming up to spring and summer if we serve people outdoors if tables are space six feet apart if the customer actually goes up and picks their meal up off. That's a way that you could safely open restaurants another thing to think about is. You can't get workers back to work in a serious way unless you get their kids in school so we'd have to think about. How do we open up schools? Fortunately we're not trail-blazing here. We can look some places in Germany Denmark is another place that has done it so you can see you know. They bring kids in and stagger times. They have them wash every hour on the hour. They have them play and eat only in certain groups so that they're not creating big mixing they have an opt out policy so parents who think that's too risky out. Because you might have grandma living at home you might have someone who's got diabetes or serious hypertension living at home and if the kid got it got cove and brought it home that would be a serious health threat to those people so we need to be prepared and you start with the youngest kids. They seemed both less susceptible and have less complications if they get it and online learning sucks for them. So you gotta focus gotTa think about this in a strategic way and us all the information. We have to open up as safely as possible. The Chinese the study that was done after. They're they're large bout with it. Showed that nearly seventy percent of those who died contracted the virus from a family member or somebody who was living in the house and is that right so they. They started not sending people home when they tested positive but to these designated hotels dorms or whatever so that they would not infect especially the older people who are living at home yes. That's it would be a good use of how hotels that are sitting idle. And yes we. We need to think about that absolutely. Can I just ask you more when we only have a few minutes left here because you have to get over to MSNBC not going over there are going to beam you there but But I just want to ask you maybe more global question and I'm and I also want to say I spoke to you years ago when you were developing the obamacare and all the important work that was done with that and maybe if you could back on another time I'd like to like I like to on my podcast. Imagine Life Post pandemic so that we start to think a little bit about the vision we have for the way live and a lot of us. Do not want to go back to what we call the old normal. Yes we want to go back to the new. The normal where kids are in school. We can work and all that stuff. But I think we've had a lot of time to think about the way we were living and I would love to talk to you about your new ideas about where we where we take The Affordable Care Act. And how we improve it how we expanded out all those things that I think Have to be done And and your great thinker with this sort of thing. I'd love your input into that so we could do that another another time with absolutely but I think Michael the short answer there is. I don't think coming. Out of covert people are going to put up with a patchwork system. We have where ten percent of the population doesn't have health insurance. I think people are like this is a serious issue. My health depends upon someone else's being able to be healthy And their willingness to get healthcare because it's not going to bankrupt them we need to create a structure where this thing works for all of us. I don't think Bernie Sanders Medicare for all is going to be that. Because I think it's just too politically fraught but we can think about in. And you know Joe Biden said about lowering the Medicare eligibility age. You think about Medicaid for a lot of people you could think about a structure where we take. Parts of Medicare call Medicare advantage where the private insurers run the system at people after that which is now extremely popular expanding that everyone This is a moment. A lot of people are losing their job. Therefore they're losing their health insurance or employer sponsored health insurance. It's a moment where I think. The public is going to demand. We've got a switch off this system. Yom Let's do a better system we can do every. Yeah we are. We have a true safety net. It's not poorest. Ought to people. Don't fall through. We don't have ten percent uninsured. Call.

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