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It was a lot of stoppages of play and i don't know if you're keeping score at home fifty one fouls called fifty one and so this time of the year free throws can make or break you and in the case of both teams it was painful at times k state actually had three guys foul out including their high score they were fourteen of twenty two for the line from the line excuse me from the charity stripe for the other wildcats kentucky twenty three of thirty seven we not it's hard to process it's hard to stomach when you lose the game by three points of course they did have a couple of shots at the buzzer will let you hear those final critical seconds at the second final critical seconds momentarily sounded better but to lose a game by three points so much riding on it and to leave fourteen points at the charity stripe hurts it's the kind of thing that would keep me up at night when i missed free throws so kansas state it was greedy ugly at times right they're not aesthetically pleasing it might remind you more of like a the're accused michigan state game from last weekend but what do we know about basketball whether it be college whether it'd be pro a win is a win is a win as a win and despite the length the reach the height of the kentucky wildcats when kansas state needed a bucket late it was a little guard who dared to venture into the paint hand off between the circles shovels it off left side state shot take drives it goes to the basket the kansas state leaders say dribbles he gets to the basket warburg what's up hit the backboard ribbit kansas state is off the eight they make runs we got thirty files it seemed like everybody on our team was filed out we were playing with six four and under and they're one of the biggest teams in the country but we got big rebounds down the stretch big stops oh it ends abruptly that's kansas state head coach bruce weber sounds like he was cut off in the middle of a word however they were big stops period end of sentence it was one.

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