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Okay. We got 22 machines that were investigated. And those are the only 22 machines that I know of in the whole United States and any of these areas that have been contested that have been checked. And there was fraud found. Isn't that evidence? I mean, what do we need it for? Years ago back four years old just to go with it. They said that Trump colluded with Russia and they spent four years looking into it and found nothing. You're telling me that we can't spend a little bit of time to look into this? And to say if there was fraud or not. I can definitely see it with my eyes. Okay, Joyce, I appreciate the call. Thank you. I'll address some of that up next on the I'm on the side of this break. We'll take it will come back. I'll address some of the points joins. Thank you. 808 590957 After the roadway three Go with Dana Clark. This report is sponsored by Compassion International. It's a new year. But for kids in poverty around the world things they're still desperate. Join compassion with your one time $40 gift to provide a covert relief kid to a family in poverty. Text the word Give 283393 that's give 283393 Not much out there, Chris just looking at construction 96 eastbound between tent like road and 6 96, a single lane closer, scheduled until 3 P.m. on Tuesday Now WJR whether first from the Weather Channel. Sponsored by Coca Clarkston Window and Door over 31 years in business over 450.

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