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Tv critic watched in february twenty twenty one by judy. Berman february may be the shortest month of the year. But the twenty twenty one addition certainly has dragged on. Hasn't it maybe it's the cold and snow blanketing so much more of the country than usual. Or maybe it's our collective in With slow vaccine rollout as we approach the once unthinkable milestone of a year under varying degrees of lockdown. Whatever the reason television can make the days pass a bit faster and thankfully this month has brought a whole lot of quality programming. The rise of foreign tv remains a blessing. among february's most worthwhile new shows are a literary adaptation set in nineteenth century new zealand a distinctive swedish crime drama a delightful baking series from britain and a must see bbc drama that mixes the ecstasy of youthful discovery with the devastation of the early aids crisis. The final title. A quintessentially american documentary series that captures our country at its best and worst through the lens of the black church for more suggestions. Peruse my lists of last month's highlights and the top ten shows of twenty twenty on times his website baritone hbo most crime dramas opened with the crime itself. Front loading the violent act that will shape the plot and developing the characters. Only to the extent that it's exploration requires bear town a swedish. Hbo europe import based on the novel. By frederick bachmann avoids that it writer unders. Vitamin interrogation spends almost two of the mini series. Five episodes spinning a web of conflicts within the upon struggling community recruited to salvage a hockey program that is crucial to the places identity and survival retired. Nhl player and bear town native. Peter ulf stenberg moves his family across an ocean to take the coaching job only to discover that the star of his new high school team kevin oliver defect car is the son of a former classmate. Tobias zilliacus who has spent decades nursing a grudge against peter complicating matters are the towns hermetic. Insularity the tents dynamic along the teenage teammates and magnetic attraction that develops between kevin and peter's daughter. Maya miriam ingrid by the time. Bear town drops it's bombshell. This scene feels both inevitable and crushing but the show distinguishes itself much earlier as a patient portrait of a stiflingly small place with a long memory an investigation into the perils of masculinity an icy scandinavian. Take on friday night lights. And maybe even a preemptive rejoinder to the upcoming disney plus mighty ducks series who saccharin content is likely to be through the roof. The black church. Pbs the harvard professor and public intellectual. Henry louis gates junior serves as executive producer writer and host of the black church which traces black spiritual life all the way back to africa through slavery and civil rights into the present early in the four hour. Miniseries reverend al sharpton calls the church. The epicenter of black life and gates's deeply researched retrospective goes along way towards supporting that thesis. He explores the central role. The church played emancipation black politics from reconstruction to dr king to barack obama and a cross pollinating american musical tradition. That took root in sunday. Church services if you don't know about sister. Rosetta tharp one of the first greet rock and roll guitarists. You'll find out enough here to send you down a youtube rabbit hole. Though gates is a christian. He acknowledges that islam has also played a central role in the african american community. And he's not afraid to be critical in segments that lament how socially conservative congregations have alienated. Lgbtq community members and how religious infrastructures created by black men have barred black women from positions of power despite its traditional.

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