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Are you going to mention that Arizona thing? Joining update stuff. Oh, are we to say now Vance Joseph Denver, Bronco coach? You got fired very good defensive coach is now the defensive coordinator for cliff Kingsbury, which I like and they're also finalizing a deal. According to mort Chris Mortensen great guy to bring Sark over to be the offensive coordinator. So that's an interesting staff in Arizona. It is. I think cliffs a risky higher. But you give you give them a big time defensive coordinator guy knows what he's doing. And then you bring in a guy has been in the NFL NFL guys a coordinator. Now, the Arizona staff with cliff makes a little sense. I like that. That's now at least that's now fun to watch. That's not man overboard. Well, that was that was always my concern with Kingsbury. Concerned with all of these young kids Cleveland, and well, not even young inexperienced coaches put people around you that have experience and know what they're doing and have a proven track record. I think it's big part of what has made Sean McVay successful. Let's go to Greg Jennings via the coward global satellite network. Decade. The Super Bowls pro bowls. Let's talk about the Packers because cliff Kingsbury I didn't love the higher. But I do like Vance Joseph now a grownup defensive Sark's been in college. And pro I feel better today the Green Bay thing with Matt leflore, Greg. He's been a play caller for one year. It wasn't a great year in Tennessee. I don't, you know, again, people think I'm anti Packer. I don't love it. It feels weird to me. Your thoughts. Yeah. I I didn't love it. I think it was occurred ball a huge curveball that no one saw coming. And quite frankly, when when when you look at why they're saying that he was the interesting and intriguing higher, and I'm sure that this isn't just everything that they put their eggs in the basket be because of but it was not known that. Well, he and he was going to keep Mike Patton at as defensive coordinator. So we like that about him. And I thought to myself. If you're gonna hire a guy just hire Mike pen and then get your own. Why would you why would you bring in a whole head coach because he said he's gonna keep your defensive coordinator. I I don't know how much they're really. So obviously there are sold on him. But I have some red flags, and he he's gonna have a huge huge microscope on him like magnifying glass. It's it's going to be an interesting year for the by the way, let let me just ask you about the young guys is that. I mean, a veteran NFL players thirty four some of these coaches are thirty four there is this sense that if you ever had a beer with Sean McVay, you get a job interview. What do you make of the whole McVay tree? Well, I it's it's an interesting dynamic. You have a young coach who has been around great coaches for a long time in Sean McVay the John gruden's in in those type of offensive minds, but he's still hasn't proven to win in the playoffs. However, you have all these organizations who loves what he has provided or a young team with a young quarterback with a with a fresh mindset offensively and innovative mindset in it's intriguing. And so we everyone's looking at this in Sean McVay like, well, if they did it with McVeigh, maybe we can do it with our higher. So you see all these kind of random hires that no one ever saw company. But one thing that McVeigh understood which is what you were talking about before you had me on with clings bird. Is he a? He accompanied his staff with Wade Phillips, a proven defensive mine. Head coach who had been around for a long time to kind of balance what he was getting ready to do. And I liked that about what John McVeigh has been able to do. Kennedy's other coaches manic fats in create a staff that makes them better that pools, even more out of them will see the Sean McVay coaching tree is definitely more of a weed than it is an actual tree at this point. So I look at your picks says here he liked the saints their favored you like the patriots. They're favored you like the Rams they're favored, but you are going to go with the dog on the colts. And this is the pick..

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