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Money he called once again to investors at John Gary Kaltbaum your host a thanks for being with us today glad you're here ladies and gentlemen happy that you are listening it is April thirtieth two thousand and twenty it be Thursday this week's gone fast and we had to talk about everything that matters to you and everything that's swirling around you with your job what your unemployment the market the virus them you know who them is right and everything else under the sun again this serious talk about you and your money with a little comedy injected even now we have to just a little bit of comedy to keep everybody you know in the gear today on the show and listen carefully we're gonna do a little the past two months if you have that learning lessons in the last two months with markets slash money not sure you're gonna learn lessons going forward so we're gonna try and help you out with that next we'll talk about many there's an adage sell in may and go away is it real I'm gonna talk the election today why because we haven't talked about and I will tell you it's ME we import content but.

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