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So we were like chopping and show it I was coloring her hair, then and just, you know, doing every you know, what I mean hands on. But I I think if you ever asked what I'm really known for before may was texture because we would be on the beach shooting with her breads, and if you look at old pictures like the five girls that are naked all huddled, the hair's just the other conic. Yeah. I have a lot of iconic. Yeah. I'm saying the other one like there's too. That's another. Icon. Yeah, there's a lot. But you know, I was really known for texture. I would just grab things and put sand of the Herron oil. And you know, I'm very much like in the moment of what's going to make that hair. Look amazing in the moment. So to this day, Annie Leibovitz. Will hire me just to be on sets amo, Steven Meisel and just let just do the girls. One time Stevens shot fifty of the top models from like every age, you know, and it was just like taking the and just kind of shooting at just tweaking it not prepping it and doing it on set. So I'm known for giving. A gesture run set that gives that just it just makes. But that's two French. We need more like an LA rock and roll version of Jinnah say Quah, whatever that is. Mm enough. It's like an effortlessness that just kind of just changes everything, you know, what I mean? Yeah. You should see Jessica Deiter hair. Just Just like like. mine. Looking at Sally touching my hair looking for some approval like like this. Yeah. You just take that. And you just kinda thing it over the I was looking at me like what the? It's like it's like, I know you should see us happening here. But it's those moments that make the picture and her breads really taught me that I also was working with helmet Newton who lived in California for the three months. So Polly Mellon discovered me at vogue through her Brett's. And then she got Carleen surf on me. And then, you know, Tony Goodman. So there was that. And then where I got really blessed? Again, my career was not premeditated as that. I'd moved to New York because there's an Ostrom. I really like, and I I just started being more and more getting very fashion. Yeah. There's an Ostrom you really I've been going since nineteen eighty nine. Okay. So it's called city yoga, okay? It's a meditation place like a lot of like Laurie Goldstein, and I started there, but it's it's under. I don't talk about it. But I liked being there. Okay. Keeping me centered. And then I thought well, I'm gonna I want to move more into fashion and New York and everyone's like, oh, that's that's going to be really versus celebrity. You mean? Yeah. Because they did. So I got really lucky they started putting the celebrities on vote covers and then I got him with Steven Meisel in New York. And then once again, it all took off again, every magazine started doing that you were in the right place if I was writing. Yeah. I mean, you couldn't a plan that any better and then. I met John Frieda did product lines. I did you know, the share blonde with them. I worked with him. I was the PR creator for ten years. And then he sold his company put air quotes around PR, creators, that means somebody else created it. But then you tell people how to use it or you actually like worked on the formulas. I worked on the formula. Okay. So exclusively. For me. I can't fake it. Right. I don't have that kind of personality. So what's what are some of the products that you know, were some of your greatest hits so to speak from you know, that you've worked on John Frieda or your, you know, SRI even consulted for for other lines. I have you won't have John Frieda. You know, I was had an exclusive I did a few things. But I really I really always they were getting ready to do a product for me, John Frieda. And then they sold. So I then took a year developing my first line, I actually went into mouse. Which is so not me even though John was America to ask my question..

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