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I'm filling in for jeff hartman. Who was on vacation this week. He's still doing a lot of stuff here it'd be. Tse with other podcasts and articles and everything else. But i'm just trying to take as much off of this plate right now while while he's spending some time with his family so you've got me again today and we have a very interesting injury report because there's good news and there's bad news. Luckily there's more good news than bad news. But we'll we'll see as we get there. You want players when they end up on the injury report to be trending in the right direction. If someone doesn't participate in practice on wednesday you're hoping that as the week goes on their participation ramps up a little bit for example. They didn't participate a wednesday. You'd like to see them at least be limited on thursday and hopefully be a fool. Go on friday to be ready to play on sunday. It's when they go in the opposite direction when it's concerning well. The steelers had two players that were on the injury report from yesterday that we're moving in the right direction. The first one is rookie center. Kendrick green he was limited in practice yesterday with a thumb injury he was a full participant today. So hopefully that means all systems are go for kendra green the other one is tyson. Allah wallow who did not practice on wednesday with an elbow injury but he was a full participant on thursday. So as i said in the article on. Tse that you know with steph onto it already on the are being down another. Starting defensive lineman would not be ideal but it looks as if there's no setbacks for everything all allah was trending in the right direction to play on sunday. The player that went in the wrong direction unfortunately is outside linebacker. Alex highsmith with a groin injury. He was limited on wednesday and now he did not practice on thursday. This is concerning the keys. Butler was asked about highsmith after practice. He said he's not really sure. He's hopeful that he can go all those things. I mean if not the other problem is with. Tj watt coming back practicing fully for the first time this season coach butler even said about you know maybe trying to keep the snaps down a little bit more than normal for for tj. But if alex is miss out then that's then you you're getting into hold other situation. Yes it's great that the steelers. Also have melvin ingram. The third. the other problem is after that it's jamir jones and that's all so that's the rotation for the steelers. If highsmith isn't able to go on sunday it'll all come down to friday. It really ultimately will come down to friday with alex smith and his participation will get. We'll get how much he participates and a game status on friday to know what maybe we could expect a steeler fans. Going into sunday's game there was no new players on the list which was a fantastic thing for the steelers. So no new injury. Same three players. That's exactly how it went now. Let's look at the buffalo bills now. I'll be honest with you. There's not a lot to look at it. It's funny because i i already saw a bills. Beat reporter share this and say how one of their one of the players is concerning. But i think he missed the little note so i better share this note with you now. The bills didn't practice on thursday. they didn't practice they. They are going off of a different schedule. I guess with all that time. In between the last preseason game in the start of the regular season they had a day off on thursday. They still were required to give an injury report. But what happens when you give it injure injury report. Would you didn't practice. It's all an estimation so for the bills. This is an estimate of what they expected on thursday. Had they practiced it was the same five players four of which they had the same status. And that is. I'm gonna try to find the right pronunciation of the name since yesterday. But i didn't. I'm gonna butchered again. The only player who was listed is still wouldn't have been able to participate is defensive. Tackle star motoo leli. I don't know if that's right or not. I'm going to go with it with a calf injury. The change was cornerback. Taryn johnson who was limited with a hand injury on wednesday. He was listed as they estimate he would have been a full participant on thursday wide receiver. Manual sanders was was listed as being limited again with a foot if they would have practiced and then the two participants were full on. Wednesday obviously would have been expected to be full on thursday and that was wide receiver isiah mckenzie with a shoulder and defensive tackle harrison phillips with a knee. So what's again this is kind of thursday's the trend today. That's what you try to find which way a player is trending as i explained with the steelers players you know. Two of them are training in the right direction. One is turning in the wrong direction friday. That's that's the day that really tells us where we're going it's did you. Were the players able to get to be able to practice to get prepared. And what is their ultimate game status. So we'll be back tomorrow with another injury report so make sure you're.

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