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Hey bear welcome back to this edition of the salinas show which is actually a part to encourage you to go back and listen to part one part one was entitled my diet drama that episode will bring you up to speed and i think it's important to listen to that one before you listen to this one i really think the second part of the story make so much more sense to you all right i'll give you a chance to go listen to that one and for those of you who already have thanks for your feedback thanks for reaching out to me on snapchat instagram and facebook the messages have been really cool because well so many of you describe feeling much of the same and really relating to the story i shared in episode 1 now i bring to you part to walk into the zhuhai angel jelena's of near does best selling author celebrity fitness trainer obsessed with helping you lift your dream life all right let's do this now before i go much further i'm just going to suggest that you stay tuned to the very end because i'll explain in detail the program that i've developed in general what i discovered was that diets weren't working for me and neither was adding on additional exercise and my clean eating had resulted in malnutrition basically which didn't make any sense to me which was really frustrating and infuriating like how could i be eating clean and exercising every day for more than a couple of hours and then i go and have a nutrition panel done and my levels come in so many areas of important vitamins and i'm deficient elect someone who's been eating a junked diet like someone who doesn't exercise like someone who's unhealthy and these things would not have been picked up by the way if i had just gone to my general practitioner i went and had extensive lab work done by an integrative.

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