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A sale. Call store must have broken it off your chest. Hey, guys. Dr. Got. I just to say thank you people. Good work. All right. Now. A. I'm john. It sounds so bad, man. All right, bro. Hello who's this? How you doing? What's up? This is Marcel read from Detroit Michigan. What's up? Marcel. What would I got one thing to get off my chest? I've been being Charlemagne guts my books for a long time, and he respond. What what's the name of your book is called little north speaks out? And I don't never check my g DMZ. I haven't been on Instagram Twitter anything since December twenty six two thousand eighteen and I'm proud of that. Okay. Okay. Check your book out. Yeah. Phone numbers. A little north speaks out and to buy. To encourage kids diet, you know, somebody touch him and stuff like that. You know sneakers. Speak out, you know. I'll buy yours. You buy mine. Okay. I'm gonna buy yours. You buy mine. Shook one anxiety playing tricks on me that no salary when you're talking about a book about touching you buy yours by my touch. I don't remember what is available on Amazon shook on. All right. All right bro-. He got you. Hello. Who's this? This is Angela from Augusta. Morning guys. It is so good to hear you guys are so good. This is my first time calling. It is so good here. You got. I love you guys. We love you back. What's up, mama? I wanna make a comment. I want to respond to the guy that called in yesterday about get it off his chest about building that wall. He was saying that we should build the wall. They sound like it was a black guy. I don't know because I'm listening to the radio we did sound black sound like he did. And he was saying that he was a cost rated they build up the wall to keep wild, and blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada. Now, he's saying those things now, but let it show up on his paycheck as a tax deduction. This is for building the wall. That would be a democrat. Yeah, he's talking about. And I think personally out thank you Kob washes taught, you know, he wants to build his wall. I don't know how that clown got into the president's. But he's there. Because forty million forty million people voted I didn't vote for him. But you know, but it is what it is. So it's not really affecting me. And I don't know if there's a victim of teachers are not, but you know, I'm a single parent, and I drive trucks. But what about the teachers that are teaching our kids, right? I agree with you totally one hundred percent Charlemagne that it's just so to the teachers into you know, the economy that is seeded healthcare. Better than building a wall. Yes, so much things could be done for building the wall. And I just think is is crap and people we we all get together. If we need to stay together on this guy. I don't know how he's still holding his presidency. And it's sad was crazy is the only got like got two thousand twenty s Iraq next year next year. Let's get reelected. Thank you. Bye. Atmosphere. Thank you guys. I love you so much. I just wanted to get that off my chest. And I continue to list. Doc. Angela. Let me ask you a question. Angela. Yes, you you and your truck right now. For me. Let me sound like a there you go. Nasty when you talk to a female. Request. Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one zero five one if you need to vet you can hit us up anytime. Now, we got away. Yes. And I'll tell you what question Kevin Hart does not want you to ask him anymore, author Djamil hill found out what she has. That's coming out next now. Right. We'll get into all that when we come back lockers the breakfast club. Good.

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