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More coming up at city field this week this is the a energy and he's post game show i'm sweeney murdy the yankees on nonproducer life a threerun lead the night inning role as chapman was touched up again a two run homer by ahmed rosario cutting a to a one run deficit a great play by giddy gregori is keeping the tying run off base for the second out in the ninth and that our oldest chapman finally getting the final out one the garrisons caught on three one put out and there's a question downstairs but chapman may have hurt himself covering first space the tv replay showed a slight grivas on chapman's face reporters have not yet been allowed into the yankee clubhouse will find out if there's any word there and there's concerned about chapman simply for performance the already gave up against the red sox the other night and then this tworun homer that could have been a lot more damaging had the yankees not opened up a five two lead before that ninthinning they added a couple of runs after taking a threenothing lead early on home run by gary santa's sacrifice fly by gary sanchez sanchez by the way is is very hot over the last seven games i think it's four homers over seven games now hitting streak four sanchez who really you know he's taken both sides of his game up since that talking to and cleveland about his defense he has played better defensively and he's hit very well also sunny grey with an ice debut in pinstripes his first two starts on the road he held the mets to just four singles are the first six sittings before walk in a homer ended his night in the seventh this felt a little next generation subway series sunny gray making his first start for the yankees at home you had dominic smith and ahmed rezala real hitting home runs for the mets you had gary sanchez innings 21st home run of the year for the yankees ubl's barrier i heard on the field susan a big hormone as well in this ballgame and that's kind of what i i took away from the series as it was starting is that you have some new players some new blood the young guys coming up the mets the young guys coming for the yankees who've been here for about a year their turn to kinda take the spotlight in the.

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