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Still one nothing Saint Louis on ninety nine year enterprise center. They do not specify which nineties are currently pictures of eighteen ninety s Americans on the Jumbotron, and I guess we should be specific that talking about the nineteen ninety s or early Thomas Edison feature inventor of the phonograph and the light bulb. Go no patents with US patent office. That were aware of gets it up ice the Saint Louis blues taken over by Nathan MacKinnon, the red line taking him by rhino Riley. Who is usually in the south you conversation inside the National Hockey League. At least has been in the past. I go nice PC scale the play softball intercepts. To get it in front with a one handed pass turn it over Tyson variable throwing towards the cage by dinner Kirkwood home Easter clears the cyberterrorists Cinco. We'll get into head for rhino Riley. Grit deflections by the avalanche right on Bennington. As group our go down on his pads and making say with seven and a half to go and the answer fit double digits inside shot since no seventeen to ten and eight to two in the second period. It is an amazing game. Connor, isn't it? It puts look like. Oh my goodness. This could this could this could get away get away. And they didn't let it and rhubarb made a couple of big saves in that I get to the locker room. And now they've got a goal and again get back to that one that one play that they need. Find the way to solve Jordan Bennington. No easy task. We've mentioned his numbers. Louis, of course, went off and overtime win. A couple seconds left in overtime versus the New Jersey. Devils. The New York Rangers MENDIETA, whatever done beat Bennington almost boarding with that pie slice from the corner. Turns it over for Mattiello who couldn't get a shot away. Try to back and pass the point that snuff down by the blues. And here they come the train show all passing frontage tipped away by Tyler the apps the charge now Matt Calvary reaching back for pass for Carl Soderberg Soderbergh holding talked on the way through Bennington out to make a save. And he kicks it to the corner. Going on behind the net Soderbergh persons. His man inside that man has been done done chopping. It sorta Burg away from the puck. Pushing him away from getting involved in the four-car pile of destroying all along the boards Soderbergh reaches around done. Picked up by Robert Thomas. Couple body. Stuck behind an edge? Matignon Carl Soderberg pass ahead. Sam Gerard right down. The Sandra backhand pats. And a good one is tipped away. The last second is target was JT conference. Gerard goes in for a hit. They both mess announce a two on one St Louis. Whining firing and missing is Thomas. It's off the back last picked up by Barbara show behind the net. Crosscheck nearby fan. Raja the point Perico down the wall through the legs of Thomas and pass to the near side, sir. Oh poem Easter available pass with wall block by McKinnon. But Alexander Steen will get back to the blues. Centering snuffed out by Tyson. Does plays off the wall doing self the ads can't clear now they do on the second attempt of jobs will be parade. Towards a wall Jost will win it for Alexander Kirkwood to the skate collected health water pass the corner, and the Avs will make a chain with five thirty three to go in the second period again trail by a goal. Checked by other numbers. Well, jean-patrick neverthe- Hammas Turner reach in between the legs. Lexi's. The door to get the puck away from Sundquist Braun will come in and take advantage. Ron's been toy at the wall. Looking for a pass behind the net Schwartz held up by nemesis. Adora trying to poke at great welcomes loose. Loser. Purchased Sundquist back to the point gunnison. Walk. The blue line ended up for Peron. Donaldson wanted to one time. We didn't get the return the Android swatting at Voronin Peron stronger than he looks reward off his man charges. They're peron. Still hanging on buckets sports. He knocks it out a mid air. We'll take a check from the Keita's adore on big old founded the ice together. Pick it up for not out again. Get report trying to get it up a wall do sport Horon. Title behind the play again. Peron high-stick Peron. Checks dorms scaring piranhas. Yes. Finally, come away with it. That's what a temper on. Right. There is Andrew Greta will leave it all it's off the stick. I believe it was Gabriel board at once back by some berry got involved in the attack four pack as well. Now Alexander carpet will reset ahead now for Andrew ghetto. We're gonna wind fires missed the net. Gonna hit the cage at least in generator rebound, Andrew Guetta will pick up the puck in the corner. He shoved aside by retrenchment Burfoot will take a check as well from Hsien. Back to the point berry makes his way towards the deep slot is a handle on it. Lakes past the backhand precursor point. He's not just signed Colin Wilson picks. A check from final Riley actor stick from Wilson gets back. Her foot rims at around to the near side. Cam Dorados, use me as Ian colds there as Wilson will take over. The blue long one timer from berry. Save made by Bennington rebounded a corner. When Scott hopes apocalypse TransCo will pick it up with the blues, and the was scored the central Riley boats pass Tarasenko one on three church. Thank Mr. NATs. Black rims around at center ice is Gabriel. Scott crosses the blues. Blue line he shut down the ice by j Bohm Easter bunny popped right back up and sits on the puck behind him. Joining the ever by Kirkwood and Wilson who are on the ice Powell Bosak find a job at the end to come up with Wilson. And played off the wall. He takes hit from and the blues are able to clear other Thomas in game the red line. But. Pass back Marrone fan on the shots. Ask coming all the way from the opposite side of the Connor Kozak regular it down to the point ankle intercept down low with quote away. Strange clearing attempt from the avalanche. They can't clear again Thomas. He's rubbed off to slap from Borrego heist excited. Philip robot reaching foreigners Landis goggles able to poke it down ice tall is on. But he's one to wait for fresh troops to arrive with Reiko will take it away from him to twenty three to go in our second Perry. Chops are eighteen twelve it is one nothing Saint Louis goal. Coming off the sticker Schwartz period. There's another shot wide. Backhanded forged by Patrick Neo leaves it for Carl Soderberg ban on the pass up now. Sanford will take over Barbie and into a wall that is the NFL plays towards neutral zone. Soderbergh. Can't get it any further than Podrinja low. Who is standing out Sanford has been signed the. His passes off the wall in the corner. Mattiello trying to scoop it bounces on the stickers that door up. We'll look at off the glass. Try and pick out Carl Soderberg go right to his feet. Soderbergh leaves it for Netanyahu now for Nimit go. Stick side of Bennington and didn't really make any contact with the net door on pushes us manage side with a man. Barbershop? It is he's able to get it down into avalanche territory. With under two to go up and down back and forth at no issues to be had until just right now as we will step aside with one nineteen to go in the second period. Still one nothing.

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