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Linguine. It was one of the fourth episode so it gives him that she knows. What's jesse predicting and then towards the end you're there was this whole thing where she asked the minute block. Was that you've you the materials as you've been somewhere. It was never shown where she would like what happened with her. I want to know. Were like what my guess would be is Chee is kind of in in a very kind of abusive relationship of vividly with gang. Because she knows what the pen signifies that she knows she's obedient but she accepts the fact that You need to have the secret timeline. Stuff and the indian on this so that there can be ordered so she buys and good because wanting in the comic says they're not interested in the whole mix is Gangs loving yet so it would be like She knows of gang. She knows about the whole thing off. She may be doesn't know yet but she finds out streets she'll find a fall in love with them or she kind of By his ideology and kind of thing. I don't know pick mighty that Who knows what will happen was they. They do like chain characters. Have beaten Let's see again. This one thing. Bob up in the head. Look if you have accepted sacrifice a free will with the establishment of governments. Who cares about cigarette. That's what it is like. Even though the show operates on such a cosmic lebanon. It's like i think in just a little bit fall short on connecting with me a connecting with neon ought not emotional. Because i understand leaving that all the hard choices that you know the guy that does make invited making what their emotional status. It's just academy it's like somewhat hard to relate to any of them on a very low because it's it's sore lodge on most novi yet. Because i understand why you falcon break very close because must've almost by hours early then nate you. You just have a sense of. I would sit. Its spirit and all of that. It was different it was like a horrid john abbott spent on so was talking anchored actual real world issues a new and assimilated vanderberg those powers the entire base of the so. Just one does relationship with visit with liquor post-traumatic depression and All this sadness and grief. And all that and i'm the sleep this this is this is the show for me on any digital therapists but but But look at was magnum. And i think that is what i understand dominate. So you don't have the correct but then you exported units. That's a big limit and my wife is gonna win like all windows doors. Whatever course like it also it. This is the problem right. I don't know how. And i hope that they would accurate when you open the village to be such a garden. Okay i understood thomas but then you basically broke the speeders. Mike time late might be were says who is bigger than this was bigger than canada concord. Who's amateurs by like what happens. I mean we still haven't encountered celestial. You're like me encounter once celestial. That's what macaroni style lords. But we still haven't and garnered the next al-aswad seem very beacon for this guy. That guy your story is getting time limits. I ended up kind of what it's it's different because of at the end of the day can still human even though he can control the whole field of gang at the end of the news. There's only so much that he can do but celestial on the other hand always like very by more deal question of origin. It's it's more like This i've been reading a navy gave wants a the present pretty excited belief evans we It's it's revealed that the tunnels humans that leon was essentially created by the celestial and nobody knows why the senate bill Couple of thousand years and then check on this and then nobody really knows why they were created by dictator created. The owners and the deviance lead easing leaked leaving unsteady. You will and they documents. So why did this like what is the. What is the point of existence and missing. that took When you're going to let that might've been all would just Of by the downfield. Six eleven and might be Questioning all of life. Who knows maybe they'll will. And his existence autumn generally speaking little. I just wanted alcobar. The cinematography of the show put a few minutes First of all the lightning in all the scenes is what what it does. in fact. the little doesn't matter leopard. So now her name is arkam Autumn durell arkansas. And i looked it up. She's married and listen to my ruffalo and died guy. He is one of my favorites and writer. Up is actually. He's australian and his book on australian. Will he's one of the biggest worries that he looked on was it's it's deep lingual shakespeare that and it's like a greedy revealing michael and dipoto. You usually should watch it. It's optimus beautifully movies ever made. But that's a whole different wind but any that kind of experience in a way that those marry each other. And that's why it be kind of their workers so ann hanson away. That's why the show looks like it was made for Abutted that was twenty towards by budget was just marches lake. Gobi lighting wilkes the lead the likud keys to the lights. You know nick mendez like neon lighting. That there's For example when that guy growth mismanaged when she shows up onscreen does. She has little blue around that she has. The lighting around hud looks very prominent and the light. You can see that light on the thus thesis just to understand that kind of lighting. Just join the stan. How that will move on camera that does very technical very hard to do. And i appreciate the amount of effort that includes nocco mentioned although one thing those fancy shorts weather gamut is of orleans on Willing upside down and then dunning again and this and that all that stuff is amazing. Yeah on these things they use of kyle on these different colors the yellows greens the while these colors that you normally don't really seeing movies when we used to have like an orange blue kind of art paint and it'll be really inch munitions of that so all these different colors beliefs different but as makes it such a unique shoot. You know we know it really harkens back towards high find comic says when i wonder when david i understand all of this and appreciated in its shooting. I guess get into photographic this. Yeah a lot of. I don't seem to understand lawrenson right away but just because of the fact that Just because i do a lot of it's like there's just an aesthetic sense that you kind of get into like you. You can see look at stuff and you see what makes it different from nick. Modern stuff look on ended. Then just you know watching the office undecided and some level of the other them conforto guiding deepak. Because obviously you love something off automatically when you see you seniors over that we just put it in words but then that is where a un with this colors and honor dot com. But again i.

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