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I was looking at the list of movies that I saw last year. Just notice you snuck you're competing got it in because been banned me today. Myself. I didn't say I think I think we need more Asian serial killers. Okay. And I would love to see John show play a serial killer. Okay. What do you think of that? I'm openness my crazy. I think we just want to put him in more leading roles. I then he can make that turn. My mind immediately goes to Michelle Yeoh too because she is having so much fun on Star Trek discovery. I feel like she could be a super sinister villain. And she was pretty evil in crazy rich, Asians that too. This hard genre stuff. We're talking about a different kind of all right next question here. This one's for you. Jeff this is from Curtis to five har- who asks curious about your thoughts on the film piercing. I really enjoyed it. Also, if one horror movie could get put in the nominations for the Oscars today, what would it be? So you think you're the only one who's seen piercing, right? Thirteen months ago it last Sundance, I think piercing was a weird one. I love the director's previous film. The is my mother, and he's the guy who's doing the, Greg. Greg swell think it's him. Right. Nick pests. The tone is a little weird on piercing. I love the opening with the. It's a Italian like geology music. And it's I think it's called one day at the regatta or something like that it opens incredibly, and I really liked Chris Abbott. I liked the premise of this movie. I just didn't think that it nailed it with the execution. Some of the black humor is a little hard for me to wrap my head around. It wasn't awful by any means. But I think I'd stopped short of calling it a good movie Christopher Abbott of so good. And he's so underrated. I feel like we don't talk about him enough. What we don't talk about the kinds of movies that Christopher Abbas in. Enough and paired with me Awasa casco's, obviously one of the best actresses of her generation. It's definitely an interesting exercise that I would recommend people watch. But yeah, I don't know that I would call it. Good. I just thought about another big star villain that I'd like to see and she's played a villain. But I'd love to see her go full camp, Allah, Octavia Spencer, and Ma Cate Blanchett. She will be awesome keypunch. It would be great in that. All right, anyway, next question is from Matthew Spencer, who's asking I've been seeing comments online that Disney released the frozen trailer because of the disappointment of the Aladdin trailer. I think that's silly. They released it because how to train your dragon three's coming out in a week thoughts that year interpretation Dennis. It'd be pretty quick turnaround for for the Latin trailer to release the frozen trail. I think they planned it for a while. I don't know if it had anything to do with the Aladdin trailer. Odds are they planned it? I mean, yes, how to train your dragon three is coming out. But I don't know. I wouldn't be all that surprised if there was maybe a teeny tiny part of the operation that had it and then opted to drop it to take a little attention away from the Aladdin disaster. It's crazy there. I think there's there's some validity to that kind of. But also some insanity like, well, obviously, they did it because how to train your dragon threes coming here. Like, wait, what this person presumes to know what this gigantic corporation is doing and what? And when and why well certain trailers are tied to certain movies for reasons because we'll appeal to the same audience. I guess maybe I is going to be attached to how to train your dragging. I have no idea..

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