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I'll demonstrate this with some recent examples in the names in june. Twenty twenty hewlett packard enterprise or hp acquired silver peak for nine hundred twenty five million dollars to bolster. Hp's st win. Hp is taking advantage of aruba's st branch technology along with silver peak's st win in wayan optimization platforms according to cure team l. coattail aruba's founder and president of hp's intelligent edge division. The addition of silver integrates st win wired wireless routing functionalities into the aruba's branch solution together the enterprise networks edge can't connect directly to cloud and to private data center securely more about st branch check my educational articles on the topic on sdn central dot com a year later in june. Twenty twenty one fortinet partnered with four. Sdn managed service providers they are command link dna serene good networks in telecom italia these partnerships bring fort nets reach to a global scale. Each of these managed service providers will use fourteen. Sdn technology to serve their associated geographies. Jumping forward in time to last week. Cmc networks added the juniper networks sdn in missed platforms to its managed services portfolio. This increase the connection between cmc networks. And juniper because amc networks already uses one to eight technologies sdn tech and one to eight was acquired by juniper in twenty.

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