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When was this? Is this like a day in sports and around the same time as week. Thirteen during the game. You just two hands on it. And I'm Kinda Hazy. But that it is and he just couldn't hold on so you know I think it might be is. He had two hands on the marijuana that he was arrested for. When was that in the paper? There was a mug right. You're talking about okay. Are you guys? Fucking? We're not we're not talking about the BROWNS Lineman Greg Andy. 'cause what you're saying is the Browns. Lineman Greg Robinson just got arrested like a hundred seventy pounds a weed and now you're talking to somebody who is saying. There's NO CYNTHIA. Way Who the hell in jail for this I would. I would actually clarify if connor shelter. Fuck up way. Oj Simpson is a different player in the in the Boston Globe. There was this tiny little slow little blurb they call my. I said warrants out for Santiago a warrant was issued in Pittsburgh for the arrest of Cleveland Browns Titan. Oj Santiago marijuana possession decree from kind deal report yesterday. According to the paper the warriors connected to the November Twentieth Arrest of defensive. Tackle Gerard Warren. Who faces a charge of carrying unlicenced firearm in his car during a search police found marijuana which they now believe belonged? San Diego so the foul right. So fact that San San Diego's actually to play in this game surprise me. But so my guess is was talking about the fact that he was trying to hide his his marijuana and He's trying to get both hands on it but obviously couldn't which is why. I the warrant out for his arrest that makes friends Brent. Jones is trying to be clever and like that old fuck and Corny. Dad like porn joke way. Yes and Geragos warn. You've seen his hair and I'm not stereotyping. Obviously he smokes weed. He looked like like Afroman's you ever heard his song. I end with added this out. All right insult Jerry but he looks like Afro Man. He's talking about the but it's not actually they actually look alike. Greg. That wasn't just a broad linear Snack that's all Greg on athletes. Chick logistic also say while he's looking Jones said we'll fork when he shaved. That is why it looks exactly like Vince will for I am dead. I'm obviously looking at pictures. Now look up Afro Man. It was happening. Just want to say he is also said and I know this is early two thousands and I don't know why he went. This way was during a kick return by. He was like. Oh this is gay at the five. And then he's taken down at the thirty three yard line. I don't know why you're saying that five five. I don't know that one I do know what is it because a kick returner and You you can't make this up. His name was Ben Gay. I don't know if he was named after the was that like the hot stuff. Oh Are you serious? So that was football. Yeah Oh Jones. But the topical Pain Relief Product Ben. Gay which because in soccer in high school. Everybody used to RUB IT in other people's Underwear Shit. So they're fucking. That's all I know never happened to me. I guess people thought I was to anybody. No I couldn't afford Ben gives you ever watch somebody do. It's anybody go home later and good too so I plead the fifth. His name is literally Ben. Gay running back. Wow all right well then. I Back Brian Jones story about people with last name. Gay just going Greg. Unh realized might be cutting this out to run away again on the soccer team in many fans but one game. I don't know where it was. They must have got a hold of like the rosters as their walk in if she cares as a kid on my team at gay and they just showed up and they were like where he's gay seventy pounds gay is. I don't condone any of this. This was your all by those. How did he think how do you feel about all this? He didn't acknowledge it at all. I mean like when you get to college right. I'm sure you've heard all of that. Oh Yeah Oh yeah yeah. He thought it was on. Yeah of course yeah did not know that. That's not good. That's well as I'm sorry. You have to listen to this connor. This is a shame. Well no it's not as creative as the stuff. Gregory would say during his fandom if you will went to a lull spinners game honestly brothers and dad and it was so the heckling was so bad that dad left us in and just drove home to find out. What did you say Greg and I'm I'm bracing myself well? He tried to. He tried to fight the mascot at one point. I think that was dad's tipping point. He was heckling mascot. Mall is not bad. Once I started drinking.

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