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Demand Is saying this is a recipe that his grandmother. Eastern mate this is a recipe that's been passed down through. The generations it's it's hundreds of years, old actually Marinated. Peppers Sautin rose meals, on top of my freshly catcher and this, has been made in a stone of these ovens. That have been used for hundreds of years and as even. Look we still pushing the the Nebraska A very attractive aspect for Canadian guest and foodie Addy and what is it that. Makes a bread making, class here particularly different or unique It's really special wood fired oven and so I, think a lot of Beautiful space. Mazing, tamed ceiling would gathered from the vicinity so sorry can. And typical typically I guess they said And as is preserving the culinary traditions of. The area this project is trying to bring back some trades and crafts that would existed hundreds of, years ago. Everything from the table runners to the bedspreads. Are made an ornate loom. And, then sold across Italy So here with, Jonah who is weaving a. Beautiful red, wool cover and these are the covers that are going to be used any Arbogast phase I it's a really elaborate contraption it's. Made of wood and it's from the sixteenth century this. Came from a museum nearby says almost like a historical artifact and again this is the kind of. Thing that's really keeping the culture alive and helping to preserve some of the history of this area And he also you'll making the bedspreads for this particular hotel is not particularly attractive for the tourists who come to stay here All the tourists they're very impressed because it's not something that. You see. Every, day she. Could fetch what would happen if there weren't activities like these still happening defeat may with die out see same yes for sure We're not here to show them what. We were doing in the past everything is going to just die with it and we want to preserve this to show the things that were done the past because today. Everything is. Made, by machines Pulled us he passed away I see Something that that strikes me is that this place sounds a little bit like a. Theme park is there a sense that the locals that have come back that are that? Are working they're having to play a bit of. A roll the historical, bread maker though lady withheld Lou is a bit of an act always is actually what people would. Be doing if the tourists with, arrow notes it doesn't feel like play acting, to me it felt. Pretty authentic, so Jonah, for example the lady that was weaving on the, old lame she does actually make claims on that lame bedspreads and things like that that she uses in, her home and I think the people that don't want to work in a, tourism industry they don't want to be part of this preserving their culture and traditions or leave the village and not come back as a potential downside to, this plan which is you bring loads of loads of tourists to the. Village great but then you turned into a tourist hawks for a new ruined this, peaceful rural it'll because they're lazily. The tourists Yeah agreed, but it's worth saying that this kind of tourist, experience isn't for everybody and it's not cheap it's a very high end trip so it attracts a very, specific kind of tourist and at the moment the numbers might be limited but, if that changed it could spur a tourism boom in tourism buses might start coming in something Lorenzo the hiking guide I was on the mountain with earlier, wouldn't be happy about do you have any concerns that this this might. All change if tourist buses started arriving coming into the low Canaria well probably can, be a little bit concerned because The jury's McCain Change our. Way of life if he comes a, mass of, people of course as a very delicate, landscape delegate mountains and a lot of curing can. Can spoil it so there is this, risk of disruption but it's a risk worth taking public is the alternative is is a is. A ghost town so how many villages in initially are trying this? Scattered hotel idea so they're forty officially recognized are bogey. Diffuse in Italy it was a model created in the nineteen eighties by a guy called. Giancarlo del era he runs the national level now we would have loved to have, spoken to him but, he wasn't available but he has managed to get all of Italy's regional. Governments on board and then within each region has got. A Daniella equivalent he's basically like a project manager who looks after that village. In allocated area forty is is quite a small number of the thousands of more or less abandoned village In Italy so it's just a small part of the solution do you think it could grow. A bit though yeah we believe it's, a model, that could be replicated in Italy and, possibly in other countries with abandoned villages that you. Need three things to be able to, do that you need a great location in a valley like, they've gone you need willing locals. To set up these local businesses are new need cash need an? Invest their like Danielle he's willing to spend millions renovating. Of these abandoned rooms and the likelihood of that is pretty slim for the chosen few. Then what's the evidence that it's working that it's bringing life back to the Italian, countryside gets very vague, there they didn't really have any data a ham so there was nothing. On tourist numbers there's nothing on the local economy and. They really not keen to discuss any of these figures they constantly reiterate it's. Not a business even though it is they say it's about investment in culture and history Said that local businesses have managed to make a profit and. The bottom line is that this village as a whole has. Managed to come back to life where others have died and that's the best indicates that we've got thank, you, nNcholas and thank you for listening to well tax we'll be back next week with another showcase for ways the world is. 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