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So we've been using some of these machines to and mapping way the ballistics landed, and and then when the phone goes, and it's it's Harry keys from from Bob mccombs Vatian. He's you know, he's he's the chief scientist in the park, and he's been there for very long time. And he's. You know, he's he's experienced seen all these volcanic eruptions. He's got a bed Scully uniform. You know, he's kind of a proper vulcanologist should look. And you know, this may so he finds me up, and he's Ben let your advice on something. And I was like, wow. This is awesome keys is asking me for advice, and you know, all some science I can actually use kind of talks on the phone a bit. And then. Basically by the end of the conversation. I realized the Christian. He's asking me is Ben can we make vocational proof toilets. That's awesome question on may to answer this question, but of serious off to quench the numbers of it. The Harry will work out what to do and say we use the cannon use mapping can actually together walking with how. We decided that she probably wasn't a good idea to put the toilets in the high risk area. Rather mocks could come in. We decided to put them in a in a safer area. So yeah, if anyone's woke in the Tunga where crossing and they kind of got halfway and you're dying for pay. And you're like, why the hell isn't there a toilet? Here. You can blame me. We decided to put them in somewhere else. And i'm. And this experience kind of made me start to really love science for the sake of just really fun. But important that Piquet Shen. Two signs. Prevented maybe Jim in tourist well sitting on the toilet being interrupted via lodge flying through the roof made a difference here. So yeah, I'm going to have more fun with science and my kids growing up. And my one of my students made me very silly hat. So this is my city. Love where immediately. My Philly grown eighteen year old students thought, this was awesome and paid more attention to me, which is great and my kids loved it. And I thought doing outreach with schools. Where in this city? This big sand. Volcano, and I had a balloon inside it. And I could pump up San brocade inflate and deflate had. These LEGO men out get the kids to tell stories, but the ligament and the scientists the LEGO guys the scientists always the out that was my one one rule of the story. Having fun with this. And then. They they decide to so they've rebuilt kind of university and a big fancy new science building. And having a big grand opening for the new science building of other foot building. And they wanted they were going to bring scoot each's in for the opening, and so they wanna dump some fun things. So I was going to do my little, okay? No demonstration. And the grand opening was quite a. Fancy affair. I kind of arrived there where my silly hat. Michelle teasha kinda look everyone else in suits with bids. And. It turns out just all done, then fine ministe to open this. And so I'm I'm sitting down in the phone. Rather silly. And and he gives this plus wonderful speech about this building's going to be the center. Child. Adults. Can discover the joys of science and all of us light right on. This sounds like she's talking to me here. And then suddenly she actually was talking to me. She pointed right at me. And she went you the the first year student with the silly hats. Do you wanna come on stage at how open the building? Hi that is million. My boss was there. They realized it was made as confusion. I just got a boat up on stage. Settle share the fi pressing button with five minutes when we opened the building. And it was a great moment of five from me. I'm there. My with the prime minister who just mistake me for eighteen year old. And opening this building for more child to experience fun sign and make real groundbreaking discoveries light voca proof toilets..

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