Penan Sherry, Ben Grimm, Elia discussed on Channel 52: The DC Podcast


Penan sherry yesterday did says things just jump out of the fantastic orange just like i've it supernova who once again catches people in his hand canes but this is the point where ben grimm's like mutated further elia because he's exposed to more cosmic race he's all spiky now i'll supernova expect to be squall guessing he guess he's kind of invulnerable he's got thick purple gloves on to that's i mean i think he has some he has to have some kind of invulnerability because wonder man punched him in he's still fairly exactly the things just threaten home he's like let go my main squeeze were you're eating your teeth for a week and the way that that that that ben grimm looks in some of the panels it's almost like his spikes are sorta like pine cone they're going up yeah because i think there's there's an issue of fantastic four around this time i don't if someone calling him like pineapple or something then supernova just like amazed he's like amazing you must be some form of mutated homo sapiens i was unaware of such species diversification among and ben grimm's your mutter and that's that's very offensive because you know super super nova's mother kris his mother probably presumably i'd like offline that's right insensitive very very insensitive i was just waiting for separate over to say why did you say that name oh yeah that's an awesome movie isn't it sorry let's go there.

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