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Me on the buzz cuts. This year. Losing hat basically means half the team statistics left can brad carry the team to finish in the top four in the big ten I will not I will not show you on. The bus cuts there. I will say the bread. Davison listen I have been messaging back and forth on instagram about who were fishing. We're both doing a lot of fishing. Basically I just went fishing caught a bass tag Brad Davison in it and then he was like I said I said come get some bread. He deums me and he's like Oh. I got some for this weekend that he catches like this. I don't know what the massive fish and send it to me and we've started a little rivalry fishing. He's kicking my ass at that so I don't know what I don't know that answer the question. Don't they answered it. Oh aw I did say he's GonNa come on the PODCASTS. I'll let I'll save that. We're GONNA HAVE BRAD ON. I felt the premise. The premise is this. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA have. I'm basically preemptively apologize twelve America for the Shenanigans. He's GonNa pull this year but I think the thing the one thing I would say ball's constantly. I kind of hinted at an earlier. Greg Guard has to be the guy who's most on the hot seat that is like not being talked about as being on us for some reason maybe he is and maybe I'm just not seeing it Blake Greg Art. Are we sure I'll Greg Guard has a I'll put it this way kyle. Steve Alford was higher. Steve Alford all the problems with Steve. Offer decided pure peer thing like how we feel about. Steve Alford the man Steve Alford the head coach if he was hired at Wisconsin is an improvement over Greg Guard. I think the answer might be yes and I think as I'm hearing myself talk out loud. I realized I think I've just created a new standard. If seve offer like this is how you know you should have fired coach. If you're asking yourself like Steve Alford being upgrade. We should probably fire your coach. That's pretty good. That's a pretty he's like the Mendoza Line of coaches and so he's like that in the side side of those marble notebooks. It's one of those metrics. Steve Alford is not a bad basketball coach at all. He's he's. He's more on the good side but if you want to be taken seriously as a national national contender in college basketball in the current coach you have is not as good as Steve Alford just probably fire coach Gregg Guard probably not gonNA Steve Alford offered yeah so anyway that's cool okay right. That's a good this is great next week. We're going to have someone here though we're going to have a friend of mine a personal friend who covers college basketball hopefully the guy. I'm thinking of if not I'm going to have someone that I package yeah exactly if not I'm GonNa have someone I'd Kinda no. I'm just gonNA pretend as a really good friend friend of mine so we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA do that next week and and and try to make it like more of a normal show and just try to have some fun with it and get back into the swing things appreciate your patients to solve this. We're trying to figure out this post. Tate world says much as you guys are sending your dirty laundry. Sir Now it now we I forgot to do this last for Lascaux Texas state and asked him. Do you have any less words you WANNA share with the audience. and I was supposed to read this last week and I got someone to do it now because I just remembered his statement was this friend of the program applaud. The comedy is finished so Beethoven's last words were friends with friends applaud the comedies finish. That's apparently what Beethoven's last words were tweets a nerd dude those pretty funny. I read that I was. I was nine for into the program applaud. The comedy is finished. Basically this show is not going to be fun anymore. Go for it very much yes as as this proved this show yeah. We'll be back next week in the meantime I don't know how do enough. I don't know how to sign off anymore.

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