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Chaco grab it and locked it out. Good activity late on the power play for the lightning. And they don't score penalty is up. It stays three. Nothing islanders. Here's mcdonagh by the Tampa Bay net. Physically one shot about secrets Audette lightning. Ryan mcdonagh. Nightside Alcott cat to set top cheeses, bur students. Matthew Joseph Joseph, turning right circle. Shoots blocked at front. The by Anthony Bo billion marches out to center across the blonde. Devante the defense low in the left corner dodge circuit, you have skipped this point leading right circle. Josh bailey. Not a Barzel right circle. That Brazelle dances to the slot. Back. Can't shot say the glove and kiddo to to the first three nothing. Islanders lanier. No one of the game on the power play. On the absence of Hickey for the islanders on defense. They brought up. Devante as in. Lightening the islanders head coach. Barry trots had talked the other day just about how seamlessly he's been able to transition into playing top four minutes and being a key part of this. Islanders defense for them. He's just a young rookie right now. But he's got three goals as you said, he's a pretty competent than he likes the way his game has kind of evolved. He's gotten better and better for this team. And they've needed defense as of late surly wins the defensive zone piece of Straubing clears it out to the neutral zone. Rattles it back in. Here's headman by the lightning right side. Feed. Anton scrubbing the center seraglio off his stick turnover. Anders Lee tops it back in. But strawberries there to retrieve left wing headman lifted. It to center ice Sarah league a checked again heloc you'll for Nelson the lighting zone. Brock Nelson lease toward Lee. Straw at a block couldn't clear Nelson alive with the puck to Leila circle. Anders Lee cycles, forever left corner. Beverly is going to be stripped by coin couldn't they're held at helical appoint shot hit traffic in front. We went back to pellet circle shot blocked by headmen. Where's that Pollock has it? Again, left point dumps for Nelson by the net. Lightning are scrambling in their own zone. Nelson is tied up by.

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