Matthew Stafford, Scott Bischoff, Frank discussed on Mark Levin


Defensive end pass rushers there's a reason those guys are paid the most because they impact the game the most in many ways and while the center is vitally important and i hope this guy works out and clearly it's a neat because shore up that offensive line get that running game going that takes pressure off matthew stafford and that aids the passing game it has been a very interesting draft from the beginning to where we are now with the lion selection let's bring in scott bischoff shall we live scott first of all thank you very much for your assessments around the broadcast your immediate thoughts on the lions using the twentieth selection on frank well i think most people are going to feel a little disappointed with with the name but it's hard to ignore what they're trying to do and what they're going to achieve through frank rack now flew under the radar he was injured he missed the senior bowl he missed the combine he he is i think he's the outside of quentin nelson i think he's the best interior offensive linemen in this class pricing daniels yes we talk so much about character we were talking about baggage a little bit ago this guy was a captain at arkansas says something about his leadership skill brandy here's the thing the in the initial i don't know for lack of a better term dot punch feeling because i think we were all kind of leaning towards line is one thing it was a neat little things were home a neat courtney only has a few reps he can maybe back up a few games i really needed a center they love versatility this guy fits the bill my question would be are you going to be able to get value from defensive from defensive tackle and from edge in the later picks that would be my to still massive needs still got an opportunity to address that but i think you look at the first round pick and what it is is it's it's really substance over what is considered potential flash.

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