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Right back here visiting with Mayor Duggan. He's on the line with us and you could be on the line with him. At 877 40 for Mitch. Any questions? You want to ask Mayor Duggan. This is a monthly thing that we do call dig in with Doug and Charles. You're first up with Mayor Duggan. Welcome to the program. You have to know. Mitch. Hi. There are little mayor How you doing You, Charles. You know if I marry Duggan this week, will, uh Pretty good on Saturday. And I was driving down graduate your van Dyke. And then all the sudden All the travel can't stop because of these are these guys and these performance cars doing doughnuts? What It's only gonna get worse from here on out. Have you achieved grand? Come up with a plan to stop this because I'm all their favorite of impound you guys cars for 30 days and then Maybe you don't pay for the empowerment. See something? Something's got to be done before somebody gets killed. And I mean, they've got to be what it is is gonna be a innocent bystander standing was sidelined. Get smoked, man. How was it to you? Off the radio Chief Craig is Chief Craig is very focused on this and that's a real concern on we've sees lots of cars. We've impounded them. At times we've actually Arrested people who were planning these events because we had information at it, and that Chief has a strategy by which we track them by helicopter. You don't really want to engage in high speed chases but track in my helicopter and sees them when they stop, so there's gonna be a combination of these strategies. But it is a real problem. What is what's behind this sudden rise in this any explanation? I don't know. But you know you the ability to hook up my Internet on, you know, pop up kind of an event and everybody show up in one place, And so you quickly have, you know a large number of cars and a good number of Spectators and now It takes a whole lot of police to clear it out. And, uh s so I know the chief is very much engaged and how to deal with this on. I think the answer is ultimately going to be You know, a lot more helicopter tracking a lot of season of cars when they stop. Who knew that would be a problem. Let me return here before we get back the phones at 877 44 Mitch, following up on the Koven thing, I know that Ford Field has been serving now as as a covert, citing perhaps maybe even more so in the future. Don't think that that correct me if I'm wrong. I don't think that's limited to Detroiters. But it is in Detroit. Tell me about that. So this is something that FEMA is talking about doing at the national level, and they're gonna have to roll out those details. So today we vaccinated nearly 5000 people. Nearly all of the T. C s. We've got a massive operation going They're talking about having an operation at Ford Field. That may be for everybody in southeastern Michigan on whatever the eligibility standards are, and they're still working that out. That would start up later in March. That's exactly what he's too good. I know you can't catch nothing in four field. Yes, but they can often drop. Drop the syringes. That's bad. Yeah, but that will be open to Detroiters as well, Right If they do that thing in the open that reality Yeah, it'll I'm sure again. This is FEMA's things. Was that really for me to announce the details, But I'm sure we'll be open. Everybody in Southeast commissioner But that's who we've been doing it now. FEMA's well, nobody's doing it now. So this is going to start later tomorrow. I thought they had some people in there already. If they did, it was club Myers Myers was there. Yeah, my. Oh, yeah, Yeah. Yeah, that was a small thing. But Seamus talking about doing several 1000 today. Starting later this month. How many are we doing weekly now in Detroit, and at that rate do we have enough vaccine and what's the projection before we get to herd immunity in the city of Detroit? Well, we're doing 15,000 week right now, just with the health department. There are other people doing additional amounts, but I think realistically, we're looking at that late May it looks like the vaccine capacity is opening up. We now are reacting. Everybody, 60 and up. Now we're back at anybody who works at a manufacturing facility. My guess was within a week or two. We're gonna be back, sending anybody who's going into work. On Then we'll go down to 55 Just keep right on going. Detroit is becoming more positive. Now we're taking it, Mary, From what you've heard, Just anecdotally. I know there was a lot of, you know. You know, I think it's true everywhere that there were a lot of people who said it's probably a good idea, but I don't want to be first to now know enough people in their lives. You got it on and said it was no big deal that We're getting people calling up who've been eligible without people are 75 years old were eligible. You know, back in January who are calling up now? So I think there's a growing comfort level on and we still we certainly have all we can handle every day. 77 44 minutes to talk to Mayor Duggan. If you've got any questions at all, David, you're on the Mitch album program with the mayor. Good evening to you all. I have a question. What? As far as AH, foreclosures, Um the tenants have all type of programs to help them. But the landlords have properties where they have to pay taxes, and they're not able to make the payments because the tenants aren't paying. You can t victim But the city is still acting for their money but telling us that you can't put the tin it out. So how can we do that? Yeah, well, there's a whole program now it 36 District Court on for 10 and help who the United Community Housing Coalition and I don't remember the number is but it's like 20 to $30 million, a huge amount of money and what we are doing is this We are helping the tenants pay the back taxes. What we're saying that the landlord's If your house is up to code, you get 100% of your right back. If your house isn't up to code, you got a problem with the roof. You got a problem with the furnace. That 20% of that has to go to make in the cold repairs. But there is a significant amount of money now that's available for For landlords to get the red line. One at the end of this month or will be extended. I'm sure it's going to be extended all that's part of what they're debating in Washington in front of the Senate right now, But assuming that President Biden passes the American rescue plan, they'll be significant help Andrei, so we're setting up a program. Basically that if you're in a very low income level as a tenant will pay 100% of the background if you are yet ah little bit higher income of 80% of the background in a higher IQ of 60% of the background. On the condition of the landlord's house is either up to code or he spends 20% bring it up to come. It's the landlord's is having a problem because we can't make.

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