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I think there are a lot of ways in which I'm much less sympathetic to the Astros than I was when they were on the way up and they were getting criticized by the old school. It's like now the new school has turned on the Astros because it turns out that a lot of the criticisms maybe about their Solis that people were levying against them years ago. At the time, it just seemed like reactionary and afraid of change. And now it's like, well, you know, maybe they're good. Obviously, what did they did? ROY hosts moneyball era, right. Yeah, I think we've all come to accept that we were aligning ourselves with them kind of intellectually, but spiritually, I'm not sure that we want to be on that team, but regardless they've built a great baseball team and we'll be seeing them again next year at this time. I'm sure Zach, how's your soul? How's your spirit? I'm just pulling up the the prospect rankings, and I see that Kyle Tucker. They're outfielder is the third best outfield prospect in baseball. Forests Whitley a right handed pitchers rated, at least by fan grasses the best pitching prospect in baseball. So I think you mentioned their core might start fragmenting, but not for a couple of. Years after this year as you read on your piece last night, basically, there are only losing preferable members. They're catchers, maybe Merwin Gonzales though. I bet they wanna raise kaikal Kaik. Well, yeah, I bet they wanna resigned. All is on the pitching side. Yes, they lose kaikal and possibly Charlie Morton, but than they have Josh James, they have force Whitley. They could just sign another one. So I think starting with the core, they have of all this position players and at least for one more season for Lander and Cole. I certainly, you know it's early, but I certainly would pick them to come back to the playoffs when the IRS again at cetera. All right. Well, we're going to be back on Monday to preview the World Series. We'll have more written content written over the weekend and published early next week, so we'll have more World Series preview content than than you can handle, but until then thanks to Bennett's act for joining me today. Yes, fun when this was a fun one. Thank you and to Bobby Wagner for producing today's episode. Thank you to Jackie Bradley and Clayton Kershaw and Joe west for giving us stuff. To talk about, and thank you for listening. And we'll see next..

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